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How to ride a longboard for beginners

Meanwhile, the popular longboards belong to the standard in parks and on the footpaths. Whether in the big city or the countryside, young people and adults love to continue on the skateboard-like longboards while at the same time supporting their fitness. Those who regularly train and integrate the longboard into their daily lives in this context can usually already record significant successes after the first weeks. Those who have mastered the various braking and driving techniques can quickly recognize that an optimum driving feeling ensures that any falls from the early days quickly become a thing of the past. Many longboard drivers, therefore, start comparatively fast tricks and new disciplines.


Longboards and skateboards in direct comparison – what is different?

Even if the longboards are often referred to as “skateboards” by amateurs on the street, hobby and professional sportsmen are of the opinion that the two objects are completely different sports equipment. The classic longboards, for example, have a much longer deck than the skateboards and thus offer more space to try out the first tricks and techniques, especially as a beginner.

Also, the longboards have some softer wheels, which means not only a reduced noise but also a much more comfortable driving feeling. Whoever drives his longboard regularly also knows that this can be used optimally within the widest range of driving styles. Nevertheless, if you want to use your longboard optimally and with all its facets, you have to practice. To be able to enjoy all possibilities regarding comfort, flexibility, and sportiness, it requires time and patience in most cases.

Best Beginner Longboard Review

The perfect starter model – with many small steps for sporting success

If you are interested in longboarding as a varied leisure activity, you should first deal with the wide range of products offered by the various manufacturers. There are classic entry-level models here, which you can slowly and high-quality to your new hobby. The entry-level models in the area of the longboards are characterized above all by the fact that they:

  • somewhat cheaper than the variant for professionals
  • Performance features that are perfect for getting used to longboard driving
  • allow due to the materials used, that the driving and braking can be learned relatively quickly.

Also in the field of entry-level models for longboards, many articles are designed to support a specific driving style. Think first about the kind of driving you are most likely to experience and then make an informed decision!

Protect yourself from injuries!

While a bicycle helmet for most cyclists in today’s time is a matter of course, passionate longboard drivers unfortunately still opt for a high-quality protective gear. However, a large number of injuries can be avoided by Helm, Schooner, and Co. Therefore, you should always buy a new longboard with the search for a protective helmet, knee and elbow protector, so that the fun of a new hobby can last for as long as possible!

Tip! More athletic riders who do not want to ride “only” with the longboard from A to B, but also love to do tricks or jumps, should also expand their equipment with back protectors.

The first meters on the longboard – get to know the board!

When it comes to longboard driving, it is always important, as with other sports, that you are slowly and structurally dealing with your new hobby. First, make sure you prefer to stand with your left or right foot forward. The rear foot then bounces off the ground. Above all beginners show themselves in this context again and again by the fact, how many meters, despite a comparatively small effort, on the longboard can be covered. If you have taken a little ride, set the second foot on the board and choose a safe stand.

Braking as an important factor

No question: whoever wants to move safely on the longboard should be able to break in any case! Here, two variants are the standard and should be mastered by people who are not only in restricted places but also on sidewalks.

  • They take the rear foot from the board and let it grind on the floor until the longboard comes to a standstill
  • They “bounce” over the moving board and come back on the ground before the same.
  • However, in any case, be careful not to be too enthusiastic about the longboard to avoid kicking it too far back and possibly into the running of other passersby!

With tricks to the passionate driver – the view beyond the box

Anyone who can move safely on the longboard is often attracted by the fact that many beginners are already mastering small and challenging tricks. In principle, of course, there is no reason not to be equipped with adequate protective equipment and to demonstrate its ability on the next halfpipe. Here, the main focus is on the technology and the targeted movement sequences. If you rock too much or lose the firm standing on the board, you fall. Therefore, as soon as you start the rounding of the halfpipe, be sure to straighten your legs in any case.

Once you have reached the highest point, press down firmly and bent your knees. Especially the driving on the halfpipe shows in this context that the longboard is not only the fun factor but also physical fitness. Just the regular pressing, knee bending and stretching the muscles in the thighs lasting.

Pros and cons of tips for longboard beginners

  • ideal for a slow entry
  • with a suitable protective equipment, you can avoid many injuries
  • The tips should only be tried in peace before venturing on daring routes

Create your equipment!

In the case of longboarding, the main thing is that you feel comfortable on the board. You should, therefore, opt for equipment that is optimal in both visual and functional terms and does not compromise, especially concerning high-quality materials and excellent processing!

Also, see the protective equipment as a valuable addition to your first meters on the Longboard and experience how much fun it can be to discover a new hobby for yourself!

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