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How to restore from time machine

Restoring a backup with Time Machine from an external hard disk – this is how it goes Step by step

Many computer users will have already experienced this scenario: The PC crashes and some data are lost forever. Fortunately, a complete system recovery is no longer a problem thanks to the Time Machine, which is integrated into MacOS X. The user only needs to connect an external hard drive to his MacBook. Time Machine then creates hourly backups of the data. However, if a crash occurs and a complete system recovery is necessary, this can be done very easily.


Restoring a backup with Time Machine from an external hard drive – the guide

If the user has already used Time Machine on the MacBook or another Mac, he already has a complete backup of the data, which is on an external hard disk. A complete system recovery is thus possible without major problems.

  1. It is possible to access Time Machine directly from the desktop. However, only individual files or folders are restored; in this case, the user can not completely restore his system. For this, he still needs the operating system DVD from MacOS X.
  2. First, the DVD must be inserted into the MacBook. The installation process for the operating system is started immediately.
  3. The question is whether the operating system is reinstalled (in this case the hard disk is deleted) or whether the system should be restored from a backup by Time Machine. In this case, the user has to select the option of a complete system restoration, i.e., the first possibility. This replaces the entire system, including the latest backup, which is on the time-machine disk.
  4. The operation is started. This may also take several hours and is dependent on the size of the respective data.
  5. System restoration has been carried out; all data are in the same place again.

A few additional hints for restoring the backups …

  • In this way, you can of course also all settings and data quickly and conveniently to a newer Mac re-import.
  • The process can also be significantly accelerated by directly connecting the external hard drive to an AirPort Extreme directly before the system restoration, or connecting the MacBook to the Time Capsule using a network cable.
  • Of course, the restoration process is also possible via WLAN, but this may take several days.

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