How to Remove Tree Sap from Clothing

When small children run in the green, it can easily happen that sticky resin is hanging from trees on the clothes. Even when working in the garden or the forest, not only the clothes but also the arms and hands are affected. However, with a few simple tricks, the resin can be easily removed by mechanical or chemical means.

Utensils that are needed

  • knife
  • Edible oil or butter
  • Washing alcohol or alcohol
  • nail polish remover
  • towels
  • blotting paper
  • Iron


  1. To be able to remove the resin from the clothing actually, it should be pre – treated beforehand. Frozen in a freezer, the structure of the tree resin becomes brittle and begins to peel off. With the aid of a knife, rough areas can now be carefully removed.
  2. After a large part of the resin has been eliminated by freezing, the remaining small spots can be gently blotted out with the help of an individual spirit or alcohol or wiped out with coarser substances. Drugstores or DIY stores offer wash Benzin, which makes tree resin easy to remove. Afterwards, the clothing must be washed thoroughly to remove all residues.
  3. Whoever works with trees has already discovered butter and oil as a secret weapon to remove unpleasant resin residues in his hands. This principle can also be applied to clothing. For this purpose, only the oil or the butter must be applied generously to the affected area, then allowed to act for some time. Due to the high-fat content, the resin dissolves again and can be utterly blotted away with a cloth in this state.
  4. Another good way to remove sticky resin is nail polish remover. However, since this is a highly aggressive solvent, it is not suitable for sensitive and excellent materials.
  5. If you have extinguishing paper and iron on hand, the resin can also be ironed out. For this purpose, the site must only be covered with extinguishing paper and then carefully smoothed.


  • Before an after-treatment is carried out, it should be checked beforehand in a non-conspicuous place whether the garment can withstand the chemical solvents used in this case without damage. Some substances tend to bleach or become porous when treated with the wrong agents.
  • Although resin can be removed very well with butter or oil, the application leaves behind big greasy spots. Before the method is applied, it should be checked at an early stage whether the garment can be washed well afterward. Only in this way can the large spot be reliably removed.
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