how to remove tomato sauce stains from clothes

It can also happen to you very quickly that tomato sauce or fresh tomatoes do not land on the plate or in the belly, but with you on the clothes, the tablecloth or your carpet. Now you have to deal quickly because tomato stains should be treated immediately.

To prepare

  1. First, scrap the fresh sauce from the fabric or carpet.
  2. Wash the tomato stain immediately with cold water (do not rub!). For stubborn stains, you should soak the clothing for a long time.

After that, you have to decide which type of cleaning you prefer and which cleaning agents you have in the house …

  1. If you are on the road or you do not have any detergent at hand, then take carbonated mineral water and immerse the contaminated clothing. Wait until no bubbles of carbonic acid get up – and the stain is already gone. If you are stubborn, repeat the procedure several times. In between, it is best to dab the spot (do not rub!).
  2. Clear vinegar or vinegar essence can be mixed with water, soaking the soiled piece of clothing (or dabbing the carpet with it) until the tomato stain breaks.
  3. With a mixture of soapy liquor and a splash of ammonia, you will be able to get rid of the tomato stain just as fast: Again just dab (do not rub!), Wash out, soak again and put into the washing machine.
  4. The use of gum soap or an enzyme-containing detergent: Gall soap is used primarily for the removal of grease and protein spots from textiles, enzymes are suitable for spots containing protein and starch and are particularly useful between 30 ° and 60 ° C. They are therefore used mainly in pre-washing agents and detergents up to 60 ° C. Soak the soiled clothing in gall soap or detergent or wash it afterward.
  5. After (no matter which) pretreatment, you should give the garment as usual in the washing machine.


  • It can happen, of course, that the tomato stains are particularly stubborn and can not be solved with any of the agents mentioned above, for example, if they have already dried up. Then you should be convinced to a few chemical variants: Bleaching agents (similar to curtains), possibly with propellants (such as Oxygen) are a good alternative. While the “average” bleaching agents can only be used for white / light clothing, the spot is “bubbled” with Oxygen-like agents. If you could dry the clothes in the blazing sun, the tomato spot would have disappeared. Only if there were still remnants of a patch, I would probably reach the very last resort, probably quite annoyed.
  • Stubborn stains in the carpet should first be soaked with a little detergent (dissolved in warm water) and then sprinkled with lemon juice or ammonia spirit. Caution: Salmiak spirit can also have a decoloring effect, so this must be tested before the actual treatment! Then rinse with mineral water. As already mentioned, always dab with care so that the particles do not rub into the lower layers of the carpet.
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