How to remove sweat stains from clothes

Removing yellow sweat spots – this is how yellow sweat spots on the clothing are caused by a reaction between the salt in the sweat and the ingredients of the deodorant used. Many deodorants are aluminum containing the yellow color of the stains.

With a little luck, the stains can be washed out by warm laundry (60 ° C). However, yellow sweat spots are usually not removed by regular washing. For the further treatment of stains on T-shirts or shirts, some methods can be tried, which let the laundry shine white again.


  • 150 ml of acetic acid
  • Four packs of baking soda
  • Ammonium chloride
  • 5 – 4 lemons
  • chlorine cleaner

Before you treat your clothes with different means, first test the respective product at an inconspicuous place of the particular garment. This way, you can see if the fabric is compatible with the fabric used!

Treatment with ammonium chloride or vinegar essence 

Caution: when using ammonia, no unusual or sensitive materials should be treated.

01Mix the ammonia mixture or 150 ml of acetic acid with 1 liter of water

02Allow to dry for several hours in the respective mixture

03Wash the laundry

Treatment with baking soda

  1. 4 Pack the baking powder in a small container with a little water, so that a creamy mass is formed
  2. Spreadthe mass onto the yellow areas of the textiles
  3. Leave in for a few hours
  4. Wash the laundry

Treatment with lemon juice

  1. 4 – 5 Cut and squeeze lemons
  2. Do the juice with the laundry to be treated in 1L of water and let it soak overnight
  3. Wash the laundry

Treatment with chlorine cleaner

  1. Add chlorine detergent to the washing machine immediately after using the appliance
  2. Washing clothes


  • Much effort can be avoided if preventive measures are taken, and yellow spots of sweat do not appear. Helpful and practical are insoles which can be put under the armpits and thus keep the T-shirt from being exposed to sweat. At the same time, attention is paid to the ingredients of the deodorant: A low-deodorant deodorant will not produce such strong stains as a high aluminum content.
  • Vinegar can cause skin irritation. The vinegar treatment should, therefore, end in any case with a washing machine wash; a hand wash is not sufficient.
  • Instead of taking 4 – 5 lemons, the laundry can be soaked in a solution with some spatter of citric acid. This is the main ingredient that makes the shirts white again. If one takes regular lemons, one needs more liquid to get the desired result, because in lemons only a small quantity of citric acid is contained.
  • The treatments with lemon juice and baking soda are the most cost-effective.
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