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How to remove scratches from iphone screen

iPhone: Scratches on the front remove – so it goes

Who does not know this? Once not watched and already has the beloved iPhone a scratch in the disc. iPhone’s are quite expensive to purchase, so the annoyance of a scratch is huge. Would you rather have a suitable iPhone protective bag used. But do not be afraid of small scratches, because, with a suitable cleaning agent for plastic surfaces, the scratches are sent to his phone in Nirvana. And without having to dig deep into your pocket.

Before you get your iPhone ready for repair and have to dig deep into the bag, we’ll explain how to free your loved iPhone from the scratches.


  • Acctel DISPLEX scratch-remover polish for displays (available on eBay, Amazon, for example)
  • Get a microfiber cloth (available in every supermarket)


First, you should provide a soft support to prevent further scratches.

Clean the display with a dust-free cloth on the front. A microfiber cloth is best suited for this purpose. Under no circumstances may other fabrics or cloths be used! Only a microfiber cloth is gentle enough.

Now apply some of the polish to the display and polish the entire glass with the (mostly enclosed) cloth 3-4 minutes under strong pressure. After that, the scratch would have to be history. If not, for example with deep scratches, simply repeat the application several times until the desired result is achieved.

Do not apply on painted surfaces, but only the transparent display glass.


  • To avoid future scratches, buy a screen protector. There are several providers on the Internet. Simply enter google “iPhone Schutzfolie.” These provide enough protection to avoid simple scratches.
  • You should never apply liquids directly to the iPhone. The liquid always first on a microfiber cloth and then on the device. This avoids liquid damage which does not fall under Apple’s warranty.
  • Use only very soft cloths (no towel, tempo or similar). These can in the worst case aggravate the situation.
  • This approach does not work to remove scratches on the back or the painted parts of the iPhone.

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