How to remove nail polish from clothes home remedies – step by step description

The varnishing of the fingernails or toenails is still very popular because with lots of effort a great and beautiful effect is produced. Taking up this trend, the cosmetics industry has brought brilliant colors and fast-drying paints into harmony. A combination that hardly a woman can resist. Unfortunately, it can happen during painting that your clothes get a spot. Whom this has already occurred, knows: only washing with the washing machine is not enough. However, with only a few tools, fingertip feeling, and some patience, this problem is easy to fix.


  • Nackellackentferner (alternatively acetone or also Waschbenzin)
  • Two cotton balls
  • possibly 1 Ohrtupfer
  • absorbent, clean fabric
  • a conventional washing machine


  1. If the nail polish is fresh, you can pick up excess nail polish with a cotton ball or ocher.This makes it easier to remove the remaining nail varnish.
  2. Whether you choose nail polish remover, acetone or wishbone (see “Tips” below), always test the compatibility of your clothes with the detergent.It is impossible to say whether and how the substance reacts with the chemical, using the material or the color.Give a little cleaning liquid on a cotton ball.Locate an inconspicuous area on the affected clothing, for example on the hem or a piece of patchwork.Carefully polish the impregnated cotton pad to the selected spot.
  3. Wait a few minutes for the reaction of the clothes with the Nackellackentferner, acetone or Waschbenzin.If discoloration occurs, use the less aggressive variant.In general, wash benzine is more aggressive than acetone, acetone is more aggressive than nail polish remover.Repeat the compatibility test in an inconspicuous place.
  4. If no discoloration or other damage to the clothing has occurred, you can now remove the nail polish stain.Place the clean, absorbent material under the spot.Sprinkle another cotton swab with the cleaning fluid and remove the stain from nail polish.Carefully polish the soaked cotton pad onto the affected area until the entire nail polish is removed.
  5. Then wash your clothes in the usual way with the washing machine.


  • Do not attempt to scrape the stain, as this will damage the tissue structure and allow the stain to penetrate deeper into the tissue.
  • For coarse fabrics such as cotton or linen, use acetone or benzene.
  • Use nail polish remover without oil. It should not be back-fatting, as otherwise, you will develop greasy stains on your clothing which you should treat again.
  • To prevent the future, put an old towel over your lap or paint your nails in underwear.
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