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How to remove cmos battery

CMOS battery change – this is how it goes step by step

Computer store system information (e.g., the time) in BIOS. To ensure the operation of this device, even if the PC is disconnected from the mains, each PC has a battery on the motherboard. If this battery is empty or faulty, the BIOS loads in the basic settings and the user receive error messages. Nevertheless, there is no reason to panic, because to switch this battery you do not have to be a hardware specialist.

Replacing the CMOS battery

If you have never dared to go to the innards of your PC, you should read the manual of your PC before starting the battery replacement. If a document is not available in print, a look at the Internet helps. To well-known PC brands and mainboards, one finds the user manuals also very easily online.

  1. Pull the mains cable.
  2. If necessary, disconnect other connection cables (e.g., monitor, mouse, keyboard) from the housing.
  3. Opening the housing.
  4. Carefully remove the battery from the mainboard.
  5. Insert the new battery.
  6. Closing the housing.
  7. Reconnect the cable connections.

Tips and what you should consider

  • This is the same as for any other electrical device on a PC: Never open a PC with the mains cable connected!
  • If other connecting cables for opening a PC case need to be disconnected, this sounds worse than it is. All plugs of a PC are standardized, color-coded and cannot be exchanged as a rule.
  • Another small problem can be the opening of a PC case for the layman. There are not only different types of housing but also the mounting of accommodation covers may be different. Some manufacturers use screw connections; others turn bars. Here: Read the manual. As a rule, only one tower panel is sufficient for removing a side wall, while the cover is removed for desktops. Unfortunately, compact enclosures are also tiny on the inside: especially with mini-desktops, you have to expect to have to remove parts before you get to the mainboard.

It is important for the layman: a record where the internal cable is connected before it is released. 4. To get a better connection to the motherboard, it is advisable to place the computer in the tower carefully.

  • Important! Motherboards are very sensitive to static charges. Man is always more or less statically charged. Do not damage the mainboard. Do not touch more parts on the motherboard than necessary!
  • A BIOS battery is typically a lithium CR2032 battery. The important thing here is that the same cell type is changed. Such cells are obtained in computer shops and some cases also in watchmakers.

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