How to Remove Acrylic Nails

Step by step to natural nails
Acrylic nails can be erected and removed in a nail studio. A cost-effective alternative to the studio is to eliminate the nails themselves. Anyone who has the right means and utensils can simply make sure that the natural nail comes back to life. This does not cost intensive, and with a little time, the natural nail shows again.

Required materials

  • A file (A file is suitable, which has different thicknesses from coarse to very fine)
  • Acetone (available in every pharmacy)
  • cream
  • Vessel for the Aceon
  • Care pack for subsequent care
  • A towel as a support

The method

  1. First of all the acrylic varnish is carefully polished off the nail with coarse filing movements. Here, the filing change should always take place in one direction only. Care must be taken to ensure that the file and the nail skin are not damaged with the archive.
  2. If the thickest layer is removed, the acetone is placed in a vessel. One should use a filling quantity, in which the nails can simply immerse in the acetone.
  3. Now you should hold the tips in the vessel. The acetone dissolves the acrylic slowly, and after a short time, the own nails become visible again. Your nails are now a little aggravated by the treatment. This is, however, to correct with proper care. The gentle nail of the file can then be used to gently nip the nail so that all the acetone is removed and the nail has an even surface.
  4. Before the nails are treated further, they should be cleaned briefly under clear water. After the hands and nails are well dried, the care can be started.

After removal of the acrylic nails: the right set-up

  1. The nail care stick
    The nail is firmly stressed by the artificially applied nails. Here, a nail care stick, which is specially designed for the requirements of the nails, can help.
  2. Aufbaulack
    Also, an erection pack is recommended, which supplies the nails with valuable care products. The Aufbaulack should be treated with an acetone-free nail varnish remover and applied regularly.
  3. Nail peeling
    From time to time a nail strip ensures that the natural nail looks perfect again. Also, the nail skin needs regular care with creams and fluids.
  4. Apply Apply Apply
    Regularly to the hands and nails, so that the skin is balanced and maintains the nails and the nails. Particular products can be used for hands and nails at the same time.

After a certain time, your nails with this care again regain their stability and look well-groomed.

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