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How to Recycle VHS Tapes

What you should consider when disposing of VHS cassettes

Do you still have a VCR? Probably no longer – many households are now completely converted to DVD, hard drive or even blue-ray recorder. But then the question arises: Where are the old VHS cassettes disposed of? The following article offers you everything you need to know about “disposal of VHS cassettes.”

Instructions – Where to go with the video cassettes

  1. In the residual waste
    The simplest possibility is to throw the video cassettes into the household waste. This is recommended by many municipalities and municipalities. In the case of large stocks, it may make sense to divide these portions. Certainly, you do not want to clog your garbage can unnecessarily. If the collection is particularly extensive, you can also submit your video collection at the waste collection point. Partially, however, a fee is due.
  2. To the recycling center
    Whoever likes to be environmentally friendly, his video collection will be recycled to the next recycling center. There the cassettes can be dispensed – and the contribution to environmental protection is considerable. This is because the videocassettes do not land either on the dump or in the refuse incinerator.
  3. In Berlin: into the Orange Box
    In Berlin, the orange box has been available for a considerable time. There you can dispose of your video cassettes – as well as electro scourge, CDs and DVDs, metals, plastics and much more. The Berlin city cleaning companies bring the recycling yard to the Berliners almost home. If you have an orange box, you should dispose of the appropriate materials.
  4. Looking for a new home
    The perhaps best option, however, is to find a new home for the video cassettes. Maybe you are also dependent on the old films with which you have spent many wonderful hours … For the environment, it is the best when the cartridges do not land on the rubbish, but where they belong – just again in a VCR. You will surely find lovers of good old video cassettes. For example, you can sell them at the flea market or offer a second-hand goods store. Also, there is the option to give up a small ad to get rid of your collection.

There are numerous possibilities for the proper disposal of video cassettes. As with all garbage issues, it is also important to think about the environment – and to recycle it.

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