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How to prune cucumbers

Cucumber plants cultivate properly

The vegetation period for cucumber plants is almost too short in the USA, so it is advisable to use a preferment from mid-April. Anyone who swears on open-air cucumbers can also sow after the Ice Saints and the cold Sophie.In case of cold weather, protect with a cover film. Too cold does not necessarily inhibit the growth, but later the willingness to grow.

The right location for cucumbers

  1. Cucumbers like it wind-protected and sunny.They may, for example, place the bed in the wind shadows of a tomato house or plant corn on the wind side as a shelter.Variegated varieties may be a tendril, but it is not essential.Cucumbers feel very well on the ground, and in the thicket of their leaves, they also have a particular wind protection.
  2. Cucumbers like nutrient-rich permeable soil and also a small mulchondelle around the plant.This serves not only to supply nutrients but also to prevent rotten processes on the ground during periods of rain.A humus-rich soil of the earth, which was previously enriched with dung, is ideal.
  3. The climbing cucumber plant can always be shown the way upwards and can be attached to the tendril using appropriate wire or bast.After four plants, lateral shoots can be capped, and the height can be limited if one desires a dense yield.Cucumbers need a lot of water in the dry periods.At the same time pay attention to a mediocre, as if the weather is too dry and the powdery mildew is too dry, the powdery mildew can be very badly spoiled.

Therefore, a dose of long-term biological fertilizer simply scatters around the plant, makes sense.Snake cucumbers thrive even on the dung; small gardener cucumbers are more sensitive.Do not use more than twice a week with the aid of the flasks or jars, and pay attention to the dilution 1:10, otherwise the fine roots will burn under the slurry, the water intake stagnates, and the plant will dry up.If this is too risky, it would rather stay with the long-term fertilizer and fresh water.

The harvest

Snake cucumbers are 30 centimeters harvested, but smaller fruits can be harvested, the readiness for new fruit formation is significantly higher.Early planted, the first cucumbers can be harvested in June. Also, cucumbers mature in the middle of May and are very tasty and profitable if it is not a very rainy year.

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