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How to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring

As soon as the spring sun warms the ground, the grass begins to grow, and the mower gets work. But for the growth to become dense and green, the lawn needs extra care after winter. Mowing, airing, fertilizing is then called. But not everything has to be done in one day; the individual work should be done in a few days. Then the floor is well prepared for the next step. The ideal time to start the work is mostly, depending on the weather and the region, in early April.


  • Raking leaves
  • mowing machine
  • Scarifier or rake
  • working gloves
  • fertilizer
  • Lawn Edgers


  1. Removethe lawn with foliage from leaves and dead parts of the plant.
  2. As soon as the grasses have grown and the ground has dried, mowing can be done.
  3. When cutting mowing for the first time, cut off at most one-third or adjust the cutting height to 4-5 cm.
  4. If the lawn is matted or infested with moss, should be used. For this, the soil must be well dried. For large lawns, a scarifier is suitable; in small areas, a large-scale rake is sufficient.
  5. Track for web processing the surface. Repeat this process once more with heavy moss and felt.
  6. Clean the moss and lawn after cleaning.
  7. If after the scarification larger holes in the lawn are, can be re-seeded. For this, there are special post-seed mixtures.
  8. After one week can be fertilized.
  9. The ideal is a long-term fertilizer that contains all important nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, magnesium and iron and releases them slowly.
  10. Do not fertilize on sunny days. Otherwise, the lawn will burn! It is best to fertilize just before it rains.
  11. Always apply gloves when spreading fertilizer.
  12. For small lawns, the fertilizer can be applied by hand. For larger ones, a spreader is ideal.
  13. In addition to mowing, airing and fertilizing, the lawn should also be “in shape”: cut or cut the edges of the lawns cleanly or cut the grass,
  14. When all these works are done, you can enjoy your lawn all summer.


  • Scarifiers and fertilizer spreaders can often be lent out in garden centers.
  • If the moss infestation is not too strong in the lawn, a mixture of iron sulfate and nitrogen fertilizer can also be applied. After about two weeks, the dead moss can be stopped. In the trade, there are also ready-made mixtures for this. But breaking off is a huge force!
  • A healthy lawn starts with the selection of the suitable seed. Rugged varieties should be used.

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