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How to paint wicker furniture

Wicker furniture – simply properly maintained Wicker furniture, the trend from the Far East, has some advantages and special features that explain the increasing popularity of these furnishings. They are very robust, extremely durable and do not last long. Rattan is a natural, renewable raw material, which in principle requires little care, but some basic things should be taken into consideration so that you can enjoy your new rattan furniture for a long time. It plays an important role, whether the indoor furniture, for example in a winter garden, protected in the open on the terrace, or perhaps during the summer without protection in the garden.

The most important principle is the fact that rattan furniture should be repainted after a certain time. Wicker is a special braid made of natural fibers, which are usually obtained from the trunk of the rattan palm. Due to the braided structure, however, this is somewhat more difficult than with “normal” furniture made of wood or metal which has previously been simply sanded off and then obtained a new coat of oil, wax, paint or varnish. How to paint rattan furniture nevertheless correctly shows the following instructions …

To remove dirt particles and grease deposits, the furniture must first be thoroughly and carefully washed with hot water in a first operation. A mild soap liquor can also be used for this purpose. Then let the furniture dry extensively and well in the fresh air.

2. The painting
The second step now begins the actual nursing work. Although it is very complex and time-intensive, one should work with a brush – the best from natural bristles – and carefully and uniformly brush each fiber and bracing. If the furniture should retain its natural color, a liquid wax, which is mainly available for rattan furniture, is used, which maintains the furniture, gives it new shine and counteracts possible mold contamination. However, a suitable color lacquer can also be used, the tone thus naturally changing according to the selected color intensity.

If possible, it is not necessary to dispense with the furniture, even though the work is much faster and easier because the fine interstices of the braid can become blocked, especially when using varnishes.

The rattan furniture must then dry well in a warm place. The furniture may still need a second coat of paint, especially if only wax or oil is applied, care should be taken to achieve a high degree of saturation with adequate protection. This can be seen from the fact that water is optimally bubbled after drying.

After finishing the work, the rattan furniture will look like new again and enchant your surroundings with their Asian flair.

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