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How to open oysters

Oysters are known among gourmets as one of the tastiest mushroom varieties and are characterized by their wealth of healthy nutrients, Such as various vitamins and minerals, not only for the palate but also for the body. Unfortunately, nature here is not an easy game to get to the delicious seafood. With its massive shell, the oyster protects itself in its natural habitat successfully against hungry assailants, and so it is also the man not spared on some tips and tricks on the handling of the culinary delicacies.

Fresh oysters still live with the purchase, so their strong muscle holds the shell together. To be able to open the mussel species uncomplicatedly and quickly, and subsequently to enjoy it, the following utensils are suitable:

  • Oyster knife or oyster tongs
  • oyster fork
  1. At first, the closed opening of the oyster should be inspected all around to find a gap for the application of the oyster. When the tip of the opener is placed between the shells, it must be carefully pulled from one side to the other. This may cause some water to leak out.
  2. Then the oyster opener can be rotated about its axis to exert a kind of lever function. From a certain point, the force of the oyster drops and the bowl can be opened easily.
  3. When the mussel is opened, the meat must be cut out as far as possible. This is first detached with the oyster knife, together with the whitish colored muscle neck, from the top. Since an oyster is built symmetrically from both sides, this procedure must then also be performed on the underside.
  4. The lower dish serves as a “plate” when consumed, from which the dissolved oyster meat is grinded or taken with the oyster fork.

Tips and Tricks

  • In order not to be injured by slipping when an oyster is opened, the use of cloth or a fabric napkin is recommended.
  • When the oysters are freshly opened, there is often some sea water inside the mussels, which is poured out before consumption. The seafood is particularly tasty with a few drops of a fresh lemon.

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