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How to mow the Lawn

Lawn lime is a major component of lawn care – a small guide

A lush, even and weed free lawn is the pride of every garden owner and looks very nice. However, he also needs appropriate care for this. Many amateur gardeners think that irrigation is often sufficient. But to achieve a nice and cultivated lawn, this should be cultivated well in the spring. In addition to the scarifying, i.e., the “lawn ventilation,” the removal of weeds and mosses is necessary. The lime can be neutralized in the lawn because lawns tend to “decay,” which results in better nutrient uptake of the lawn grasses.

Necessary utensils for the cutting of the lawn

  • Lawn preparation with scarifier, if necessary gardening and weed cutters
  • Lawn lime, e.g., “green-lime” with magnesium
  • Fertilizer spreader for granulate or lime distribution
  • Gardening gloves

Instructions for cutting the lawn

  1. Before the lawn can be lawned, it must be prepared properly. From early March, when the last snow is gone, the lawn can be cut short of weeds and mosses. For this purpose, a scarifier is ideal, but the moss removal can also be managed with a garden rack (Harke). Weeds are cut out with a weed trowel.
  2. The lawn lime can be evenly applied to the lawn in the form of granulate, e.g., green lime. In this case, a fertilizer spreader is of great advantage for spreading the lime since the application is very uniform here.
  3. Small lawns can also be canceled by hand. However, wear garden gloves to avoid direct skin contact. The lime can be distributed generously on the lawn.
  4. After cooling the lawn, it should be thoroughly irrigated. This ensures that the lime penetrates the soil more quickly and thus the acid-base balance of the soil is restored more quickly.
  5. The lawn will then need a period of rest before the wet fertilizer can be applied.

Tips for lime and grooming the lawn

  • The amount of lime spread evenly on the lawn should be 50g / m². But always pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations on the pack.
  • The lime limestone must always be stored dry.
  • Low-cost lime mixtures containing magnesium are beneficial. Magnesium ensures a green color of the grass during lawn growth.
  • Before the following fertilization, at least four weeks of the lawn surface give time so the lime can neutralize the soil budget.
  • The advantage of the game is a bit rainy weather. Then there are no “burnt” turf spots because the rain washes the fertilizer right into the ground.

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