how to make your eyes bigger with makeup – step by step explains

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. Perhaps we look at people who interest us first, therefore, deeply in the eye. For a glance says, as a matter of fact, more than a thousand words. Large, radiant eyes look particularly attractive to us and lend a wary look. Those who are not blessed with impressive reptile eyes can make their eyes look bigger with the aid of some refined smoothing tips and the right makeup, and give them a personal expression.


  • Concealer
  • eyelash curler
  • Eyeshadow, beige
  • Eyeshadow, brown
  • Eyeliner, bright
  • Mascara, dark
  • Eyeliner dark


  1. Cover the dark shadows under the eyes or eyelids with the concealer. They make their eyes unnecessarily small. Apply the concealer to the dark spots and knock. Do not use too much concealer, so that no edges are formed.
  2. For a beautiful eyelash stroke, bend the eyelashes upwards with the eyelash curler. Your eyes are already more alert.
  3. Make the entire eyeliner with the beige eyeshadow. Apply the eyeshadow thinly and from the inner eyelid to the eyebrows.
  4. Now use a little of the brown eyeshadow in the folds of the eyelids. The colors slightly from the outside and blur up. In these areas, the eyeshadow should look more convincing to enlarge the eye.
  5. Apply the bright eyelid to the lower eyelid. Dark kajal would make her eye look smaller. To do this, wear auxiliary patches on the upper and bottom lashes. The dots than just connect with a line.
  6. The lower lashes now light, the upper vigorously with the dark mascara. If you use too much ink, the infamous fly-flies are created.
  7. To make the eyes appear even bigger, the upper eyelash wreath should be tightened to a dark eyeliner pencil.


  • Usually, kajal and eyeshadow should be present twice. So you can put together a makeup set for the road, and refresh kajal as well as eyeshadow several times a day.
  • To correct the shifted kajal or eyelash tint, best use cotton swabs.
  • Regularly use cream especially for the eye area to keep the skin fresh and elastic on the eyes.
  • Cover the eye rings with a concealer, and do not use makeup. This would settle in the skin folds at the eye part, and the view rather crumpled than fresh.
  • As a general rule, use bright colors in natural shades such as beige, brown, white and black for makeup. Too bright colors look unnatural, and you do not achieve the desired result.
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