How to make nail polish – very easy and also suitable for beginners

Nail polish is now hugely popular among young people. But often nail polish is very expensive in the drugstore. There remains only one possibility: The nail varnish is made by itself.

The ingredients for the nail polish

For the production of your nail polish, you only need four ingredients …

  • ethanol
  • benzoin
  • pigments
  • silica

These substances are usually only available in larger quantities so that even a false test does not harm. Since these ingredients are only used in tiny amounts, an excellent scale is required. Also, a mortar is often needed to pulverize the ingredients. Who wants to make nail polish itself, needs 25 grams of ethanol, 5 grams of benzoin, 2 grams of pigments and 1 gram of silica used

The effect the ingredients

The pigments should give the desired color to the nail varnish so that it is not only gray or similar. With the pigments, dozens of different color shades are possible with correct handling. The substance of benzoin ensures the later consistency of the self-made nail varnish. The silicic acid contained in the nail varnish maintains the nails later during the application and use of the varnish. Also, the acid is used to uniformly distribute the color in the varnish.

Instructions (also suitable for beginners)

  1. To heat the ethanol

    To this end, the ethanol (also known as alcohol) is placed in a dish and placed in a pot of water.When the water is then heated on the stove, the ethanol is heated evenly.In this case, it is particularly important that no water enters the heated alcohol during the heating process.If so, the whole procedure must be repeated.

  2. This is not the case, this must be done with the mortar.When this happens, the benzoin is added to the warm ethanol with a rod with stirring.
  3. Determining the color of the varnish
    This is done by mixing the different pigments together in different variations.Thus, one can create the most diverse colors with the pigments and thus create the very personal nail polish.The pigments are then added to the existing mixture.However, one should take only a few pigments at the beginning, because too many make the nail polish thickens.
  4. Completion
    Finally, only the silicic acid is added to maintain the nails.Now the nail polish can be used immediately
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