How to make ice cubes fast

Ice cubes without shape? – No problem! 
The cozy cocktail evening is on, and only the ice cubes are missing. But to buy a mold? It takes away, in the long run, casual place in the ice compartment. How can we help? In the following text, we call some possibilities.

Ice Cube Bags
The first option is ice cube bags, which are available in nearly every supermarket. These look like plastic bags but are divided into several chambers. Simple, but awesome!

You need

  • tap water
  • ice cube bags
  1. The ice cube bag has a self-closing opening at the top. There you have to pour in the water. The best is so much that the chambers are filled with water. Because the bags are self-closing, you do not have to make a knot.
  2. Now place the bag in the freezer compartment and wait 3-4 hours. The ice cubes can then be removed just by pressing. If this does not work so well, let cold water run over the bag, then the ice cube should slide out of the bag almost by itself.

Another, and perhaps cheaper, alternative to proper ice cubes are empty chocolates.

You need

  • A box of pralines
  • water
  1. First, you should eat the chocolates! Delicious! 🙂
  2. The empty plastic molds can now simply be filled with water. But beware! These formulations are very wobbly with water, so the whole is best placed on a water-resistant and stable base.
  3. Now put the molds in the freezer compartment and wait a few hours. The ice cubes can then only be taken out of the elastic form.

Ice from the plastic bag
The ice needs a little longer until it is frozen and you have to calm at the end rather than many small cubes, a large lump of ice – but also the can, in small pieces, excellent cocktails, and other drinks.

You need

  • Plastic bags or freezer bags
  • water
  • A hammer or force
  • rubber bands
  • Spatula or similar
  1. Fill the plastic bag with a little water and seal it with a rubber band. Then put the bag on a flat surface. If the bag has a lot of water, put it in the freezer compartment. If not, just take some water out or add. If the water is unevenly distributed, the ice cube does not look nice.
  2. After a few hours in the freezer, the water in the bag should be completely frozen. Now place the bag on a board and divide the ice with the spatula and the hammer into pieces of the desired size. Then remove the bag from the ice cubes.

Tips for a successful success

  • If water is run over the molds or bags, the outermost layer of the ice is thawed, and this is easier to dissolve.
  • If the mold or bag leaves the fridge a few minutes before processing, the ice cubes can be removed more easily.
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