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How to make ice cream without an ice cream maker

Delicious ice cream without an ice machine – a complete guide

Summer is here and the temperatures and the desire for an ice rise. However, a delicious ice does not have to come from the ice cream parlor, but can also be produced by itself. For this, an ice machine or the powder known from advertising is also not needed. With simple means and the following step-by-step instructions, everyone can enjoy a creamy and delicious ice cream.

Before the actual production, it is superior to what kind of ice is desired. It is almost possible to produce any ice in the direction you want of taste without an ice machine. In addition to the classic varieties of chocolate and vanilla, unusual combinations with unique ingredients, such as chili, are also possible. The basic recipe is similar to many of the ice cream varieties.

It now follows a step-by-step guide for a creamy strawberry mascarpone ice cream

ingredients for eight people

  • 500 grams of fresh strawberries
  • 250 grams of mascarpone
  • 200 grams of whipped cream
  • 70 grams of powdered sugar
  • Two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice

Recipe for the preparation of homemade ice cream

  1. Depending on the desired shape of the ice you can choose either a casserole dish or a round bowl.This should be designed with a fresh-keeping film so that the ice can later be detached more easily from the shell.
  2. The fruits, in this case, strawberries, must be thoroughly washed and dried.Together with 50 grams of powdered sugar and the lemon juice, they are placed in a high-quality mixing bowl or a stand mixer and then mashed to the finest possible puree.
  3. Then the mascarpone is thawed with the remaining powdered sugar for a few minutes with a snow bean and then carefully stirred under the strawberry puree.
  4. Now the cream has to be stiff and then carefully under the existing mass.
  5. The ice mass is now ready and can be filled into the prepared ice mold.
  6. After a first phase in the icebox, the weight should be removed after about half an hour and stirred again with a blender.The more often this process is carried out, the cream becomes creamier.
  7. The ice must now be in the icebox for at least four hours to get solid.
  8. It is advisable to take the ice from the ice compartment sometimes before eating it so that it can get its creamy consistency.
  9. Ice is best served with warm ice creams and draped on a plate.


  • It is, of course, possible to provide the ice mass with small strawberries and to have small pieces of fruit on the ice.
  • The strawberries can also be replaced by other fruits – depending on the individual taste.

In about half an hour working time, a delicious ice cream can be produced. Enjoy your meal!

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