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How to Make Herbal Salt

Either in the salad, in the soup or on the roast. Herbal salt can be the last touch of a variety of dishes. Even made it gives a personal touch, and as a gift, you make a particularly great pleasure. This recipe is easy to prepare and takes little time.


  • 500g sea salt
  • 15 g of basil
  • 15 g of thyme
  • Abrasion of a lemon


  • Knife (possibly mortar or measuring mill)
  • Jar or another airtight container
  1. Decant the dried herbs with a mortar. If desired, they can also be cut or crushed with a mixer attachment. The size can, of course, be varied and depends entirely on the personal taste.
  2. Add the herbs gradually with the lemon peel to the sea salt and stir well until they are evenly mixed.
  3. Fill the finished herring salt into the preserving jar, and with labels, lids and tape decorate.
  4. After one or two weeks, the aroma has developed, and the taste of the ingredients is now fully appreciated.


  • If the green of herbs is not colorful enough, add color. It is easy and natural to go through herbs and plants from your garden.
  • Rose petals not only bring a nice red into the salt produced but give it a new aroma.
  • Violets, daisies, watercresses and many others create not an only pleasure for the palate but also for the eyes.
  • But you do not necessarily have to stay with flowers and herbs. Beerenobst is dried as well as an ingredient, refines your herbal salt and makes it something special. For example, with currants, the salt has a distinctive, sweet taste, which is especially suited to fresh summer salads.

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