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How to make elderberry tea

Elderberry blossom tea to Oma Grete

Elderberry has long been a European plant. Black elderberry, which has white flowers despite its name, is the most famous. Even our grandparents and the generations before him knew him and his effect.When I was a child, my grandmother Grete always cooked an excellent fruity elderberry blossom tea. Below you will find the recipe of my grandma Grete as I still cook the tea today. Today, elderberry is back in the coming, eg, by the use of the syrup in the famous champagne cocktail Hugo. However, it does not always have to be the same, the simple tea as before is just as delicious and refreshing.

Ingredients for 1 l tea (4 cups)

  • Four teaspoons (or 4 teelamas) separately. elderflower
  • 1 l of water (best possible decalcified before)
  • Sugar as desired
  • (possibly) 1/2 organic orange or organic lemon


  • Teapot or carafe
  • Tea filter or tea strainer
  • Water boiler (or kettle/pot)


  1. Boil the water with water cook up to 100 ° C.Let it cool down afterward.
  2. In the meantime, fill the elderberry blossoms in the tea filter or tea strainer.You should prefer tea filters because metal can change the taste of the tea.
  3. Fill the still hot water into the carafe and let it run over the tea filter.
  4. Wash the orange or lemon well and cut into slices about 5 mm thick.Put the slices in the jug to the tea.

Overall, the tea should pull about 10 minutes, best covered. If you cook the tea for several people, leave the sugar to everyone.


  • Pick the elderberry blossoms in the surrounding area. A good time for this is May and June. In doing so, you must pay attention to a suitable height of the branches, to avoid fox turtles. It is best to cut the branches with the flowers directly with a pruning shears.
  • For the tea dry the elderberry beforehand kopfüber and pick the flowers carefully from the branches.
  • The tea is suitable for “normal” pleasure as well as during the flu or cold. Elderly stimulates the immune system and drinking a lot is always important in diseases.

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