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How to make a USB stick bootable

Make a USB stick bootable

If your PC does not boot regularly, because a hard disk is defective, then you can start your computer from the USB stick. However, it is necessary that you have prepared and prepared your flash memory for booting. To learn how to do this in Windows, see the following instructions.

How to make your USB stick bootable in Windows

  1. To make your USB stick bootable, you need enough space – at least 4 GB is required.
  2. Now go to the start menu of your PC and enter the term “disk part” in the search field. Then a small DOS input window will open.
  3. Using the “list disk” command, all memory media are output to one another, and you can recognize your USB stick by size.
  4. If you are sure, you have found your USB stick in the list, enter “select disk” and then the number of the stick in the list.
  5. Use the “clean” command to delete the content of the flash memory and create a new partition using “create partition primary.” These declare with “active” as usable and with “format fs = NTFS quick” the partition is formatted.
  6. Then you can exit the program with “exit”.
  7. If you already have a startup CD, you can insert it and copy all the files from the CD to the USB memory stick.
  8. Alternatively, you can create a startup CD itself to transfer its contents to the stick. To do this, go to the Start menu and click on “System and Security” or “Backup and Restore.” On the left, there is the “Create System Repair Disk” option, the instructions of which you must follow.

How to boot Windows from the USB stick

  1. Now you can set in the BIOS of the computer, that with an attached stick you should first search for a boat system on this boat. You can do this if you press F12, F10 or F2 or F4 immediately after restarting your PC – depending on the manufacturer, the necessary hotkey differs.
  2. Go to the “Boot” menu – this is done with the arrow keys. There you will find the entry “Removable Devices,” which you can bring to the top of the displayed list with the pushbutton. This means that the PC should first boot from the stick.
  3. Use the arrow keys to change to the “Exit” menu and select “Exit Saving Changes,” which can be confirmed with entering. The BIOS asks if you want to change the settings. Confirm this with “YES.”

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