How to make a face mask for pimples

Facial mask for self-made pimples
Who does not dream of a beautiful, smooth and pure skin? Who does not long for a fresh complexion? In the beauty salons, facial masks are advertised for every “problem,” the drugstores are full of masks to touch themselves. But much easier than any powder, much cheaper than the professional facial mask and especially not so time-intensive is a self-made face mask with ingredients, as found in every household.

A particularly effective home remedy for skin problems such as pimples and light acne are facial masks. Please note that in case of a worsening of the condition, a specialist will have to seek out allergies or other causes.

Production of a yeast
mask This mask has a soothing and cleansing effect

The ingredients list

  • a cube of fresh yeast; alternatively a packet of dry yeast
  • milk
  • Camomile tea

How to do it

  1. The yeast is mixed with lukewarm milk. Continue until a smooth and supple paste is formed.
  2. Clean the face thoroughly.
  3. Apply the paste to the slightly moistened skin with a brush.
  4. Let the paste dry. Please note that the mask has a similar smell due to the yeast and which stretches the mask as it dries on the skin.
  5. If the paste is completely dried, wash the face mask with lukewarm water in light circular movements. In this way, you also have a peel effect. To achieve an even better healing effect, it is possible to replace lukewarm milk with chamomile tea. The application should be performed once or twice a week. This facial mask is very fast and inexpensive to manufacture. The paste can also be applied to other body sites affected by impurities (Decollation, arm bows).If you can not make friends with the smell of the yeast mask, there is another beautiful mask to make for yourself.

    Production of a parsley quark mask

    works against pimples and refreshing

The list of ingredients

  • half a bunch of parsley
  • Quark
  • a splash of lemon

How to do it

  1. Chop the parsley very finely
  2. Stir the herbs with 2 tbsp of curd, so that a sweet paste is produced
  3. Clean the face thoroughly
  4. Apply the paste thickly to the face
  5. Leave the paste on for 20 minutes and then wash it thoroughly


  • the curd can also be replaced by yogurt
  • add a little healer
  • for an additional freshness kick can be added a splash of lemon

Create your well-being oasis at home and enjoy the facial masks in a quiet atmosphere. Pamper your face as desired on the days without face mask with an excellent aloe vera cream.

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