How to lock iPhone

Lock the Internet at the iPhone – how do you proceed? 
The iPhone usually has many applications that are always connected to the Internet. This has the advantage that, for example, news services can always give a message to the user promptly, who can always receive the latest news from around the world and also play games that require an Internet connection. Unfortunately, the permanent connection to the Internet is not exclusively positive, because it assumes a flat rate, to prevent immense costs.

Furthermore, the connection consumers regularly data volume, which is limited at almost every tariff. The battery also consumes more energy through the constant data exchange, so the phone has to be recharged faster.

When Internet access should be blocked

  • If children have access to the iPhone, it might be useful to block Internet access on the iPhone. This prevents surfing on inappropriate websites and prevents accidental purchases.
  • Also to minimize the power consumption of the smartphone, the Internet access should be separated. First of all, WLAN has a high power consumption. Especially if the iPhone is not connected to any particular network. Here, the phone constantly searches for new networks until the user enters a connection.
  • The Flatmates of the German mobile phone tariffs are mostly valid only up to the national border. Anyone who moves abroad and does not block his Internet access, therefore, has to reckon with additional costs that the provider charges for the data transfer abroad.

To disable mobile data on the iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Select the “Settings” application on your home screen
  2. You can find different categories. Select “General.”
  3. Here you can switch the transmission of the mobile data on and off with a slider.

To disable Wi-Fi, follow the same procedure

  1. Select “Settings” on the home screen
  2. Go to the general settings
  3. Under “Wi-Fi,” you will find a slide control for switching on and off. This is, by the way, the WLAN connection.

Wi-Fi and mobile data connection should not be confused.

  • The mobile data connection is the Internet connection provided by the mobile telephone provider. It should regularly be blocked if no flat rate is used or if the user is traveling abroad.
  • Wi-Fi is a standard Internet connection over WLAN. This connection is mostly free but requires a WLAN-enabled modem. In particular, if no such modem is available and the user wants to save power, the connection should be disconnected.
  • It is not always necessary to block the connection from the mobile phone. This also allows you to specify for each app whether it is authorized to connect to the network. This is also done in the settings, where each app can be selected individually
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