How To Live Without Smoking

Many smokers feel that they can never resume to being non-smokers. This statement is far from the truth. Doctors have revealed that a former smoker can return to the health state of a nonsmoker in fifteen years’ time. Smoking is a habit like any other, and all it takes to quit is willpower and effort from a smoker. Below are some ways that can help you lead a life without smoking.

Decide To Quit

All you want to do is wake up one day and decide you have had enough cigarettes. Particularly for chronic smokers. Write down all the negative things that smoking has caused you and pin them on the wall. Inform your family and loved ones about your big decision. These are the people who will call you on and give you moral support. Deciding to quit smoking is the very first step to your life without smoking. Remember, your family and friends might want you to leave, but the decision lies solely with you.

Get some new friends

You cannot successfully quit smoking if you are still hanging around smokers. They will only give you a reason to resume smoking. If you are a smoking teenager and you have decided to quit, surround yourself with friends who do not smoke. Keep your focus on your studies and distance yourself from smokers. Adults should also have minimal contact with smokers. The reason is to keep off secondhand smoke and Peer pressure.


If you still enjoy tobacco and you do not want to give it up yet, you can enjoy it safely using e-cigarettes. An e-cigarette does not produce carbon monoxide and tar that cause adverse health effects. You will only take the best e-liquid without the other harmful carcinogens that bring cancer and other diseases. Vaping is safe, and there is no tobacco smell. Nobody will tell you are a smoker from your scent anymore. Vaping liquids contain only four ingredients, unlike tobacco cigarettes that have more than 4,000 substances.

Think Positively

The mind is mighty, and it can influence you’re quitting success or failure. Reflect on the things that you would do without smoking. Think about keeping fit and eating healthy. Smoking causes damage to the respiratory system. Think about how you would look with all the beauty benefits that come with quitting smoking. The skin gets affected by tobacco use and begins to age prematurely. Picture yourself with a youthful look, white unstained teeth, and fresh breath.

Think About Your Health

Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer, throat cancer, COPD, and other severe health conditions. If you do not want to die before your time, you need to stop smoking. Again, if you want to enjoy your old age, a cigarette is your worst enemy. The level of bone degradation among former smokers is alarming. If you still want to play with your grandchildren without gasping for breath every two seconds, keep the cancer stick as far away as possible.

Every smoker is addicted to nicotine, and that is why it ‘s hard to stop. The damages caused by smoking outweigh the benefits of smoking if any. It is a difficult decision, but it is worth it.

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