how to install software in linux

How do I install programs on Linux? Linux is also gaining increasing interest among private users. Usually, a standard installation finds the way to the computer, which, however extensive it may be, can only present a selection of the available programs. What are the possibilities to adapt the software to my needs and requirements? So-called Linux distributions with names such as Ubuntu or Suse provide, in addition to the actual operating system, a wealth of applications, which can be installed with the package management and, of course, removed.

  1. Starting the package management, The package management tool can be found in the menu under Package manager, Synaptic, YaST or similar points.The expression package may be confusing, but it will be understandable if you know that the packages can contain not only programs but also fonts, help pages, translations and much more.The package management provides an accessible overview of all installed and all available but not installed packages.When divided into categories, it first displays the package name and status.If a package is selected, information about content, version and what the program can afford is displayed.
  2. Finding a program either you simply browse through the categories and find something that makes you curious, or you are looking specifically.In addition to this, the package management offers some help, from the simple search for keywords in the description to elaborate filters.“The photo” and “manage” leads to programs for the maintenance of a photo collection.
  3. The rest is done by the computer.The publishers of the Linux distributions provide the packages on the Internet is continually updated and tested sources and ensure that they are coordinated with each other.So if a program requires additional files, it automatically downloads the package management.This step requires root/administrator rights!
  4. Playback allowed Packet management is a very sophisticated system that ensures unique run ability.You can experiment with problems, try out programs, remove them, or delete applications from the default installation.Only if warnings appear, caution is advised.

Sure, there are other ways to install programs on Linux. However, they usually require a deeper knowledge of the matter and are often stony. It is safer and more comfortable to stay within the scope of distribution. Not infrequently more than 30000 packages are available, as there should be something for every taste.

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