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How to install a skylight

Installing a roof window yourself – no problem! 

Build a dull attic to a bright, friendly living space, perhaps even to a spacious studio – the dream is easier to realize than many think. And what is the first principle of this? Well, “Let there be light!”

How? Of course, by installing a reasonable number of windows. This can also be realized in self-government.


You do not need much more than that for a specialized window set

  • a cordless screwdriver
  • hammer
  • saw
  • cutter
  • lead Wage

On the whole, careful planning is fundamentally more important than one’s craftsmanship, because they do not have to be particularly large.


  1. First, the question arises: Do I need a building permit to install a roof window? The German regional building regulations sometimes differ. Generally speaking, anyone who wants to retrofit windows in a multi-family house to make a living space from a store needs a building permit. In single-family houses, a building advertisement is enough – mostly.
  2. You should also be aware of the number of windows I need. How big should they be? And where exactly should they be placed?
  3. To provide a roof only with gables, often does not create enough light. Dormers and windows with windows are quite expensive. Most of the design options regarding the light incidence and outlook offer roof windows. They can also be installed with comparatively little effort.

The distance to the ground should be about 1.20 meters. And the easiest way is to fit a window between two rafters. If on the other hand, a rafter has to be cut through, because the opening is to be wider, the statics of the roof must be recalculated – a specialist should be added.


In principle, there is a separate installation manual for each window kit. On the whole, the work steps are as follows:

  1. Use a cutter to cut an opening into the undersurface. Then cover bricks – from the inside, this is safest. If necessary, cut off roof panels in the width of the window.
  2. Unhinge the window wing “kopfüber” from the window frame.
  3. Use an electric screwdriver to install the mounting bracket. There are usually markings on the frame, which specify the exact installation height.
  4. Place the auxiliary plate on the roof pans and tighten. Check with the lead weighing machine to see if everything is working properly.
  5. Insert the glare frames, align them and screw them to the mounting brackets.
  6. Use the window for the first time to check proper functioning and accuracy. If necessary, correct with wedges, then remove the window wing again.
  7. Remove the roof tiles around the window. Tack the underside of the frame, remove unnecessary material with the cutter.
  8. Use the cover frame to seal the spaces between the window and the roof. Check for tightness and screw.
  9. Insert the upper cover frame at the end. Caution: Sheets are sharp-edged!
  10. Replace the roof tiles, insert the window leaf, if included, install the lead skirt around the window and adapt it to the roof – done!

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