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How to grow tomatoes in pots at home

Everyone who has tried it is sure. Self-grown fruits and vegetables taste better, and this is not imagination. Self-made has more minerals than purchased fruits and vegetables from the supermarket and this is noticeable in the taste. Besides, it is significantly less industrially loaded. For the planting of tomatoes, you do not need a large property or garden; a balcony is completely sufficient. You can grow cherry or meat tomatoes according to your preference. The trade offers a wide selection of different tomato varieties, where something is for everyone.

For the cultivation of balconies you need

  • A balcony, sunny and wind protected
  • Either seed, then the rearing begins in March
  • Or plants, then the rearing begins in May / June
  • Planting bucket with a minimum volume of 15 liters, preferably too big or too small
  • High-quality soil, tomatoes need a lot of minerals
  • For each plant, a tomato spiral or bamboo tuft, to which the tomato is attached and can grow
  • A short thread

That’s how it works

01Fill the plant container about 3/4 with earth. Then place the tomato plant in the middle and cover the root with soil.

02Press with flat hands and refill if necessary until the vessel is filled to approx. 5 cm below the edge. This edge ensures that the soil does not float during pouring.

03Then the Tomatenspirale or the Bambusstab is placed next to the tomato plant and attached to it. Now the plant is well poured and must not dry out during the whole time. The tomato plant will grow upwards. The flowers will then produce the fruits.

04What is important is the so-called ” tempered,” so that the power goes into the tomatoes and the yield is successful. Otherwise, the energy disappears in the leaves. To do this, you must remove the intermediate drives. These grow out between the stem and already existing drive.

05From time to time the plants should be supplied with a special tomato fertilizer.

06Once the tomatoes are ripe they can be easily plucked.


  • Tomatoes like it from below wet and from above hot, sunny and dry. When pouring, ensure that the leaves do not get wet.
  • Tomatoes do not like the draft, make the plants as wind-protected as possible.

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