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How to grow cress

Kresse is not only spicy and very delicious but above all also healthy. It contains a lot of vitamins and is easy to grow at home. The seeds to seedlings are in every well-sorted supermarket or the garden department.

Required utensils

  • cress seeds
  • Cotton or kitchen roll
  • a flat vessel, for example, a dish or a plate

Planting instructions

  1. First, lay the provided flat container on the floor with a kitchen paper or cotton wool. Other products with pulp are also suitable, for example, paper handkerchiefs or kitchen rolls. If only a high container is available, this can also be used, but it must then be filled completely with cotton wool or kitchen roll so that the cress can grow out over it. Kresse can be planted in yogurt cups, for example.
  2. The cress can also germinate in soil, but it can be that the cress is soiled with soil and has to be washed after harvesting.
  3. Before the seeds can be distributed, it is important that the kitchen paper or the cotton wool is properly wet so that the seeds can also germinate well.
  4. Now the seed can be spread directly from the package onto the cotton wool or the kitchen roll, preferably scatter the seeds as evenly as possible, so that the seeds do not lie on top of each other or too close together.
  5. During the complete germination, the paper or the cotton wool must not dry out. The seed should, therefore, be poured daily. However also not too strong, because otherwise, the seeds could swim.
  6. Already after one day, one can already observe how the first dresses men begin to sprout. Cress is very fast growing. Already after about seven days, the first cress can be harvested. Simply cut the required amount with the kitchen scissors.

Cress is very versatile to use. It often serves as decoration on the plate, on cheese plates or is eaten pure on a butter bread or in the salad.

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