How to Get Strawberry Stains Out of Clothes

As soon as it is summer, there are tasty strawberries at good prices. Now hardly anyone can resist the sweet, fruity taste. And if you can not get enough of it, go to the strawberry plantation, where you can eat enough of the fresh fruits without having to pay more. The strawberry would be for many people the favorite fruit if there were only the stains, which they leave on the clothes if one is not careful when snacking. At the very latest, when straw flakes disfigure the beautiful white T-shirt or the right tablecloth no longer appears bright white, many regret the sweet pleasure. This does not have to be because there are good remedies against strawberry stains, but one must proceed quickly and carefully. The material also decides how involved the stain removal is.

Remove fresh strawberry stains

  1. Removal with hand warm water, soapy water, hot water
    When the strawberry spots are new, they are usually gently removed with hand hot water. Also, there is the possibility to soak laundries with straw stains overnight with soapy water. The next day follows the usual wash cycle. An old household means that the material is to be stretched over a bucket or other object. Afterwards, the stains are to be soaked in hot water until they are no longer visible. This method is not recommended for sensitive materials such as silk.
  2. Lemon juice or 100% alcohol for stain removal
    The better way to remove strawberry stains is to work with lemon juice and then clean the clothes as usual in the washing machine. A commercial lemon is used, the juice of which is to be squeezed with a lemon press. Sprinkle the strawberry spots and allow them to act. The next day, the garment can go through the usual wash cycle. Also, the dabbing with pure alcohol is a strawberry stain remover. This is available in every pharmacy. The strawberry stains are dabbed with the alcohol. Then rinse the garment with clear water.

Ways to remove older strawberry stains

  1. Here diluted chlorine water, hydrogen peroxide or have water can help. However, breaches may only be used with white or light clothing. If you want to use an older but tried and tested method, try the older strawberry stains with gall soap. Also, there are in many supermarkets and drugstores Vorwaschsprays. Simply spray the stains and allow the agent to react briefly. Then wash the garment as usual.
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