How to get rid of nodules

After a long night of wild parties, the awakening the next morning is usually both frightening and surprising. Thus, unwanted and otherwise definitely not liked to see visual memories in some situation can represent a considerable problem. In the ranking list of the unpopular memories of parties, hot spots are in a relatively high position – Both their parents and the boss do not like them, and quite apart from that, the situation is very embarrassing to the person concerned. Therefore, it is very advisable always to know some tips on how to remove them as quickly as possible or at least make them less visible. Over the years, numerous tricks have accumulated, with which a nudge can be quickly mitigated or even expelled.

Needed utensils for the different procedures

  • Ice cubes wrapped in a cloth (ideally made of fabric)
  • Concentrated lemon juice
  • Wundsalben
  • Creams or gels for sports injuries
  • heparin ointment
  • toothpaste
  • vinegar water
  • concealer

The following methods help differently fast and intensively, depending on the strength and age of the place, most of the remedies only insulate the expansion of a recently developed nodule. In case of doubt, however, all variants can be combined or executed in succession without further problems.

  1. In the “fresh” nudist helps ice
    If the nodule is still very clean, the most effective control is the treatment with ice. It is best to wrap some ice cubes in a towel and press on the affected area. Anyone who is tolerable for it can omit the cloth to help even better. Here the reason for the effect is as follows: The effect of the cold causes the affected area to be significantly less strongly perfused, which prevents the spread and further redness of the bruising, which is a medical nudge.
  2. Vinegar, lemon, creams, and toothpaste
    If no ice present or the cold be just not desired, the location of the forming bruise can come with vinegar water (if at all, then diluted only slightly), concentrated lemon or different in the required utensils ointments and creams as well as toothpaste. According to the theory, all substances should constrict the vessels by the acid content and thus prevent the further spread and reddening of the bruising.
  3. If nothing is left: the cover pin
    If no extended “treatment” of the dry spot is possible or desired, the bruising can also be hidden with a cover pin, provided that it is not twisted under a garment anyway.
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