How to get rid of algae in a farm pond

Remove algae from the garden pond – No problem with these household appliances
To control the problem with algae, the pond should be placed in a shady area. But often this is not possible. To create shade, a planting at the lake edge is optimal. But also too many fish in the pond could cause the problem with the annoying plants. The work has to be done with the net, but this work does not fight the algae growth, but it is only eliminated. Especially when fish live in the water, chemical substances for the removal of algae should only be used in extreme emergency situations. Also, the use of a home remedy against the attack of algae maintains the ecosystem so that no essential nutrients or life-threatening bacteria are killed.

Use algae to remove algae from the pond actually
To prevent the growth of algae in the pond, the plants can be eliminated with the net. Another method, however, could also be a jute sack, which is lowered in the pond. This must be filled with peat.

Step by Step Guidance against algae in the pond
On the one hand, the pond should be bordered with plants providing enough shade. But on the contrary, the garden should be open to producing a unit on the property. To fight the algae, a jute bag, filled with peat, should be sunk in the pond. This spreads natural pollutants, which compete for the algae and thus reduce the infestation of the algae on the pond.

The following materials are required to use a home remedy for algae.

  • Landing net
  • Jutesack
  • peat
  • strong twine
  • shovel
  • wooden pole
  • hammer

Instructions for the use of a home remedy against the algae attack

  1. Carefully remove the pond of algae using a net.
  2. Now the jute can be filled with peat using a shovel. This should be well filled.
  3. The jute bag is firmly tied together with a twine to prevent the pet from escaping.
  4. A wood pile can be hammered with a hammer at the edge of the pond where the jute bag is attached.
  5. The sack should be placed at the side of the pond. Use a twine or rope to tie the jute pack to the wood pile.
  6. Remove the jute bag from the water every 3 to 4 weeks.
  7. Empty the jute bag and thoroughly wash.
  8. Fill fresh peat into the bag and lower it.


  • Care should be taken that the jute bag does not lie directly on the pond floor, but rather hangs just above the ground.
  • The jute can be sunk in a place where the flow of the pond is uniform and not too loud or too weak.
  • To actually prevent algae, it would be useful to install a water pump. The algae formation is largely prevented or absorbed by the water exchange.
  • It should be ensured later that there are no remains of fish feed in the pond. So just throw as much food into the pond as the fish consume.
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