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How to get rid of a mattress and box spring

Dispose of the spring beds properly – this should be taken into account

If your duvet is no longer warm in winter, you should think about a proper disposal of the bed. The ordinary household waste is not a suitable solution for spring beds. However, there are some other ways to get rid of your old top bed.

But when should a feather bed be disposed of at all?
There are a few reasons for this. You should discard your feather bed when the blanket or pillow begins to lose its fluffy shape right after shaking and does not heat up enough. Another reason for the disposal of one of the old covers is an external pollution, which makes a covering impossible. Disposing of spring beds – numerous possibilities.

  1. The old clothes collection
    If the upper bed is still in an acceptable condition, the best recycling option of a spring bed is the old clothes collection. As long as it is still warm enough and does not look too shabby on the outside, every collection of clothes will look forward to one of your old blankets and one of your old pillows. With this way, you will not only make others happy, but you will not have to worry about cleaning your upper bed.
  2. Disposing of the environment at the recycling yard
    Another way to get rid of your old blankets and pillows is to recycle or recycle. Here, too, the old drapes get a new purpose and are not simply disposed of senselessly. This helps the environment and makes others happy.
  3. Anotherpossibility: bulky waste
    The most commonly used variant is to dispose of a spring bite, which is no longer required, is the classic bulky waste. However, in the case of residual or domestic waste, a spring bed should only be found in a particularly bad condition.
  4. Selling Instead of Disposing
    Why not make a little money and sell well-preserved covers in a second-hand market? Feather beds can often be sold on junk markets at a low price. However, if you are selling on a second-hand market, you should ensure that the outer beds are in an acceptable condition both internally and externally.
  5. Reusable spring mattresses
    Also, your unwanted upper beds can also be used wonderfully as a base material. Whether as a filling material for fabric animals or the production of new sofas – the possibilities for using your old blankets and pillows are numerous. Think a bit about whether you can not use the breeches and their feathers for any meaningful purpose in your household.

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