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How to fertilize the lawn

This way a beautiful lawn

Lawn, which should look nice, must, of course, be cultivated and sufficiently fertilized. The latter should happen in the spring, in the summer, and once again in the autumn – with a special autumn fertilizer. Fertilizing in autumn is of particular importance because the lawn must be sufficiently fortified for the following winter. The winter is a lot of the lawn, it is leached, and there is a lack of nutrients. Among other things, snow, minus degrees and too little sunlight are responsible for this.

A healthy and good-looking lawn regularly needs special fertilizer to continue growing well and evenly. As an example, mention may be made of nitrogen which the grass needs to preserve its fine color and to maintain uniform growth. Potassium strengthens the lawn, makes it more robust and strengthens the grass against diseases. The nutrient phosphate helps to promote growth and iron, as well as magnesium ensure that the lawn does not get any yellowing and he can show up in all its beauty. All these nutrients – and depending on the product a few more – are contained in a good long-term raging fertilizer.

There are two different types of ruminants, the mineral rush fertilizer fizzles faster, so after a relatively short time, it has to be re-fertilized because all the nutrients are consumed. The organic ragweed, on the other hand, is mined over a longer period. The lawn has, therefore, more of it and you do not have to fertilize so often. Despite the necessity of fertilization, it is not wrong if the lawn intersection is left between times. This also promotes the health of the lawn.


  • Lawn mower, best one with mulcher
  • Vertikulierer
  • gritter
  • lawn grass seeds
  • fertilizer
  • Grass Shear


01First of all you must mow your lawn, but be careful not to cut the lawn too short.

02Now you can edit the entire lawn surface with the scarifier one after the other. This is to remove moss, plant residues and leaves so that the lawn can breathe again. It should be noted that this work should only be carried out on dry lawns.

03Now the fertilization continues. Use only hunters. Moist, cloudy days are best suited for this. Fertilizing and sowing are usually done with a spreader because you can set it so that it is distributed evenly.

04After spreading the fertilizer evenly on the lawn, the lawn must be watered.


  • If you are not sure what your lawn is missing, you should have a soil examination done.
  • It is not wrong if you leave the lawn cut quickly from time to time.
  • What you should also consider, a lawn that grows full in the sun needs more nutrients than lawns that grow in the shade.
  • Of course, it is not done, you should regularly mow their lawn all summer. Thus, the lawn area becomes densely dense.

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