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How to fertilize strawberries

Strawberries from our garden are a very particular pleasure. The treatment and care of the sweet red fruits do some work, but it is worthwhile in any case. It is just great fun to eat the strawberries right from the bush, and they taste freshly picked and still warm from the sun at its best. Until the time has come, however, a lot has to be done, and the correct fertilization is essential.

Fertilization during soil preparation

  1. If you plan to plant strawberries, you must first prepare the soil properly. At the earliest two weeks after the soil preparation can be planted. This is best done in July / August, then next year the strawberry plants are big and strong. Strawberries can also be planted in the spring if you have large and healthy young plants. However, the first strawberry harvest is still somewhat weak.
  2. It is important that strawberries need a loose, profound and humane soil to bring good yields. If you have light soil, you should improve it with compost (about 3 liters per square meter is optimal) and with an organic fertilizer such as bone meal, corn chips, sewage sludge or guano. In the case of heavy soils, compost and additionally some sand must be incorporated.
  3. It is important when selecting a new location that there were no strawberries for at least four years. This helps to prevent pests. Also, the site should be sunny and if possible wind-protected but still dry after rain. Stunts are very damaging to strawberries.

Fertilization of existing strawberry beds

  1. In the already existing strawberry bed, the soil should be fertilized and loosened in autumn. Before removing all the sprouting leaves and the leaves of the strawberry plant without damaging the heart.
  2. As with new planting, compost, fertilizer and, if necessary, sand should be worked in. Very good is now fresh crap. With this natural fertilizer, the soil is supplied with all necessary nutrients for the next harvest. At the time of planting, however, dung is more harmful to growth.
  3. There are also commercially available fertilizers for strawberries. This special fertilizer can also be sprinkled repeatedly after planting and during the growth phase.

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