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How to dispose of old cell phones

Some have asked themselves after a new acquisition, what to do with his old cell phone. Mobile phones, like all other electrical appliances, do not belong in household rubbish. Of course, mobile phones contain precious metals which are recycled at the recycling yard. They belong to the category of electrical scrap and require proper separate disposal. This falls into the area of the special waste.

If you want to dispose of your mobile phone, proceed as follows

  1. Remove the battery from the mobile phone.
  2. Remove the SIM and memory cards.
  3. Now remove the upper shell of the unit.
  4. Now you can carefully remove the keyboard.
  5. The display can be pushed out by slightly pressing from behind.
  6. Make sure you remove all screws from the unit. Place them separately to the side.


  • Be sure to dispose of the parts separately. A prior cleaning of the small parts is unnecessary.
  • Do not forget to unblock your SIM and memory card to back up important phone numbers or files, such as pictures and recordings. If you have already secured these, your disposal is nothing to prevent.
  • A cell phone can also serve as a spare dispenser. Many mobile phone owners are looking for online shops such as eBay specifically for your handy model to change battery, shell, display or buttons. In this case, used devices are preferable to the new, because often only a part of the mobile phone is needed, and a new acquisition, in this case, is not profitable. It is worthwhile in any case, before the disposal once a sale of the device to try.
  • Also, organizations for charity or a friend would be pleased about an old, yet fully functional mobile phone.
  • Older people, in particular, know today with today’s Touchscreen models hardly out and pull the older models, the newer. You can also keep the mobile phone – as a second handy, which is always fully charged in the bag if the battery of the currently used mobile phone is empty.

Alternatively, you can submit your old mobile phone to the organization Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH). With your “mobile phones for the environment” portal, your mobile phone is no longer needed and is recycled correctly. Depending on the current market value, the organization even pays you a corresponding money. This variant of disposal is not associated with costs and saves you the work and the associated time.


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