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How to dispose of old cds

A CD is more than just residual waste

Every year, some 40 billion data carriers are removed from households. Mountains over mountains of old dusty CDs, which have not been used for years. The man has to create order and space now and then, so as not to go completely under chaos. Especially then it is important to dispose of useless things – in our case CDs – correctly. But trash cans on and back to here would be the completely wrong way. How the disposal is done correctly and in a particularly environmentally friendly manner is explained here.

Thus, old CDs are said goodbye

  1. First of all, it is important to get a clear overview of your CD collection. Make sure you only dispose of specimens which you do not need anymore.
  2. Before discarding the CD (s), check with your friends, family, or friends to see if there is interest in some CD copies. Giving away is a wonderful alternative to throwing away, and your loved ones will thank you.
  3. Surely the environment is also very important to you. Do not just throw the useless data media into the next trash can, but think about it more ecologically, only then does the recycling process take place correctly and as prescribed by the Umweltbundesamt.
  4. The so-called Blueboxx is ideal for the environmentally friendly disposal of CDs. This offers the perfect and environmentally best solution for CD disposal.
  5. You can find out exactly where a Blueboxx location is near you, on the Blueboxx homepage. You will find a sort of box at the individual locations of the collecting point (hence the name Blueboxx), in which there is a slot-like inlet for CDs. Here are the old CDs.
  6. If you do not dispose of your CD-pieces via a Blueboxx, there is also the possibility of breaking the data medium in the middle into two pieces and then removing them into the residual waste toner. Be careful, however, because when broken, many small splinters are created, and the CD becomes sharp-edged …! Maybe the following tip no. Seven is more suitable for your purposes.
  7. If you have a large collection of CDs that you want to get rid of, go to the recyclable material nearby and discard the entire CD. In this case, you can always be sure that the data carrier is also properly disposed of by the staff.

Before disconnecting from your round storage, visit any auction or store site that could bring the CDs to new customers. eBay or Momox always play an optimal starting point. Try your luck, in retrospect; you can still throw away your CDs and ban them from your house forever.

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