How to delete synced photos from iphone with and without itunes

Delete photos on the iPad with and without iTunes – Step by step explains

Owners of an iPad and passionate hobby photographers now have the opportunity to combine these two things, because even with the iPad, you can now hold beautiful holidays or unique moments in the highest quality, Many photo apps support the fun of taking pictures with the iPad. Also, the iPad has two advantages: the photos are stored, and the large display, as well as the numerous photo apps, allow the quick and uncomplicated processing of the photos on the spot.

Like on many other cameras or smartphones, the memory space on the iPad is limited. Once the Apple Camera Connection Kit has been added, the memory card can be quickly emptied, and the joy of the photograph remains undisturbed. However, if you want to delete only individual photos and the Apple Camera Connection Kit is not available, deleting the photos from the iPad is a little more difficult.

How to delete individual or all photos on the iPad without using iTunes?

  1. Deletingindividual images

Deleting pictures on the iPad is relatively easy: If you are in the detail photo of the picture, just click on the trash can icon in the upper right of the screen and the photo will be deleted immediately

2. Delete multiple images at once

Alternatively, you can delete more photos at once. To do this, go to the album view in the picture app. Here you can select an album and get an overview of all recordings. If you now press the button with the arrow in the upper right corner, you can send, copy and delete the images. To delete, just touch the respective images with the finger and mark with it. Clicking on “Delete” removes all selected images.

This way, however, works only with photographs, which were shot with the iPad or transferred from the Internet to the iPad. If you have pictures with iTunes installed on the iPad (i.e., these pictures were synchronized by the computer home to the iPad), then you can not delete the images using the trash can icon.

How do you delete single or all photos on the iPad using iTunes?

01One way to delete the photos on the iPad using iTunes is to remove the albums or photos you want to sync from iTunes. To do this, you have to open iTunes on your computer and set or remove the checkmark for the corresponding albums or recordings. After this process, the iPad is connected to the computer and synchronized. This prevents the photos from being transferred to the iPad.

What should be considered in general? 
If you delete recordings from the iPad that you have not transferred to the computer, you should be aware that there is no backup and the images are irrevocably lost with the deletion.


  • To avoid the storage space of the iPad too much and possibly a slowing down of the device, one should take as little as possible transfer pictures and data from its computer to the iPad. A simple use of the iPad for taking pictures, in this case, is more uncomplicated.
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