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How to delete music from itunes

iPhone: Deleting music from the iPhone – how it works

The iPhone is used in every area of everyday life, as well as an iPod for music. However, not always are the songs that are on the iPhone or iPod that you just want to hear. If the player has also reached its loading capacity, one should delete songs, which one at the time does not want to hear. However, this procedure is not easy for every user. For this reason, there is a small guide that allows everyone to remove unloved pieces of music.

To remove music from the iPhone, you must first connect the iPhone to iTunes. The exact sequence is as follows:

  1. Connect the cable between the two devices
  2. iPhone does not start automatically, the connection must be made manually
  3. uncheck the box and synchronize in the Music Library section
  4. Select the files to be selected
  5. clear the free space
  6. remove all the hooks for the pieces of music you want to delete
  7. After selection, click on Synchronization.

Anyone who adheres to these instructions can quickly delete their unwanted music from iPhone, so there is room for the favorite music again.

But it is not just the computer that can be used to delete music files. If you have the latest software on your iPhone, you can easily delete the files anywhere. However, not every user has the latest firmware on his device. For this reason:

  • The latest software will be downloaded
  • then click the app music to open it
  • Click the music you want to delete, and the delete button will appear.
  • Press the button, and the selected music is removed.

Removing the pieces of music or even whole albums from the iPhone is very easy and can be done safely and quickly. When the user follows the above instructions, he quickly resumes storage for new recordings. There is not much to be aware of here because if you want to erase more than you want, you can transfer these pieces back to your iPhone. A simpler and better way to pop iPhone with his favorite music is not currently because deleting has never been so easy and can be carried out by everyone safely and quickly.

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