How to cut peonies – you get a healthy plant with many blooms of

Peonies cut correctly – explained step by step
The keeping and care of peonies are not complicated. All peonies, whether wild forms or crosses, come from China. For 25 years we know the large and multi-colored shrub peonies, more precisely the hybrids of a game, Paeonia Rockii. This beautiful style is correctly predicted for a great future in our gardens and parks.

In our gardens, we usually cultivate the real peony and the peasant peony. All the peonies are hardy, slow developers, which every year from May with their magnificent flowers and the pleasant smell charming. They need a sheltered location and an excellent, nutrient-rich soil. After the shoot, they are best fertilized and mulched. The optimal growth is achieved with the right cut. Peonies grow very slowly, and they are often ancient. The correct section is especially relevant for relatively young plants. Thus the development is decisively influenced to a healthy, richly flowering shrubby or perennial plant.

The right tool
To cut the peonies, use high-quality garden shears, which is ergonomically shaped and has a narrow cutting head for precise operation. It is also possible to use a wound sealant, available as a liquid or spray from the nursery or DIY store.

The right season

Autumn is the perfect season for cutting. At the same time, faded flowers are always immediately removed, so the plant does not lose its great attitude, and only acts out. It also does not come to the exhausting seed formation, especially since a self-cultivation from seeds won almost never works. Its foliage needs the plant to form new buds, so the trimming is useful only in the spring.

In the autumn, best in October, however, the reverse of bushy peonies occurs, with leaves and stalks cut off about 5 cm above the ground. Thus the plant gains opulence and height during the year. After such a radical reduction, however, the flowering may fail in the following year. This is how to cut the peony

  1. Carefully cut branches and leaves over the so-called sleeping buds, which prepare themselves for the coming growth period.
  2. In the case of diseases, storm or frost damage is severely cut back.
  3. After the cutback, a wound closure agent can be applied to safety.

Peonies are a splendor and an ornament of every garden. It is not for nothing that they have been symbols of wealth, nobility and the Chinese emperor’s house for thousands of years.

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