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How to cook artichokes

The artichoke belongs to the genus Asteraceae and grows on perennials in the moderately warm climate of Spain, Italy, France, Egypt or Argentina. It contains a bitter substance called Cynarin, which gives the artichoke the typical taste and also stimulates the metabolism. Since it contains many vitamins and minerals, it is very healthy and is also used as a medicine for digestion problems and elevated cholesterol levels. 

Thus, artichokes are properly prepared:

  1. Remove the artichoke from the stem before cooking by cutting it off the head.
  2. The dry outer leaves and the leaf tips of the artichoke are removed.
  3. The artichoke can now be boiled in plenty of salt water with a dash of lemon juice for about half an hour.
  4. It is ready when the leaves can be easily detached.

The artichokes can now be further processed, depending on whether you want to fill them or to enjoy a dip. To fill the artichoke, the inner leaves with the hand and the hay (seed strands) must be removed with a spoon. If the artichokes are added to a dip (see the following recipe), the artichoke is tapped, and the fleshy part is removed with the teeth.

Recipe for artichokes with garlic 

dip ingredients

  • Four large artichokes
  • One can of sour cream
  • 1/2 can of natural yogurt
  • Garlic as desired
  • Chives at will
  • salt
  • preparation
  1. Mix the sour cream, the natural yogurt, the garlic and the chives for the dip and mix to a creamy dip. Season to taste and refrigerate.
  2. Boil the artichokes according to the instructions and strain them.
  3. The artichokes may now be dipped into the dip with the hand as desired and the edible part is pulled off silently with the teeth.

To the artichokes with garlic, dip is freshly baked, still warm baguette.

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