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How To Convert AVI To DVD

How does a * .avi come on a DVD? 

Nowadays it has become slowly old-fashioned to go to a store to buy a movie. In the meantime, most people have realized that it is much more convenient to buy movies and video clips on the Internet or purchase them there. And if you do not want to watch them on the small computer screen, you burn this on a DVD. 

This is not always easy. The most common video format on the internet is avi. And unfortunately, this format cannot be burned with the aid of Windows onboard devices. Therefore, additional programs are needed which allow this. Such programs are found both for a fee, as well as freeware on the Internet.

On you can download the “Free Video to DVD Converter.” With its help you can convert an AVI fast and easy to a DVD. The user proceeds as follows

  1. The user downloads the program and follows the instructions of the installation wizard.
  2. During installation, it may be suggested to install other software, such as toolbars, in addition to the actual program. However, these are not necessary and should, therefore, be dispensed with.
  3. The program is started after successful completion of the installation.
  4. Now the user can select the AVI file with the help of the “Browse” button, which he wants to convert to a DVD.
  5. In the “Presets” combo box, the user can determine the quality of the DVD.
  6. The higher the quality and the length of a movie, the higher the required space on the DVD. The required memory space is displayed under the presets.
  7. Now click on “Create DVD.”
  8. When the process is finished, the Free Video to DVD Burner will open. Now only one DVD has to be inserted, the correct drive selected and the “Burn” button pressed. Tip: Under “Options” you can define a disk name. It is also possible to terminate the program after the burn process.

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