How to convert audible files to mp3

Converting Audible Files (Aax) to MP3 – Step by Step Explained
Nowadays it is part of the regular music genre to have digital audio files on iPod or MP3 players. Now and then, a download from the Internet is used to download the latest music pieces to the device. Unfortunately, you are sometimes surprised with unknown file formats and can not play the file. To solve this annoying circumstance here is explained how to convert an Audible file into the MP3 format with a few simple steps.

The Audible format
The Audible audio format is not as common as the classic MP3 format. As Audible’s best audio quality is only half as high as MP3, this is self-explanatory. Furthermore, the compression of individual titles is less good. Now and then, an audio player on the home PC have problems to play the files at all. The reason for this is Audible’s rights management. This makes the conversion also an Odyssey. It is, therefore, a good idea to convert the files after a download.


01First, you need the Audible Manager. So the PC then has the right software to play the files.

02Furthermore the program Nero Burning Rom from Version 7 is necessary. This is also available as a test version on the Internet.

03Last but not least the freeware FreeRip is needed. All mentioned programs must be installed on the PC.

Conversion process

  1. When you open the Audible Manager, you can mark the individual aax files. One finds than a button, with which one with the help of Nero a CD can burn.
  2. Here it is important that you do not burn a real CD but only create a disk image, an image file. If this is done, you have to load this picture into a virtual drive. This is also provided by Nero.
  3. The virtual drive then appears with the image file as a conventional DVD drive.
  4. Now FreeRip can convert to the MP3 format. To do this, select the disk with the picture file and start the conversion process.
  5. After successful processing, the image has to be unloaded and can then be deleted.

Audible’s rights management makes it easy to convert between the formats. It is, therefore, a good idea to make an arc around Audible. Especially the rather poor quality and the high file sizes make this form rather unpopular. In the conversion, you should just try a little and play. With a little practice, this works quite simply.

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