How to Clean Silverware with Aluminum Foil

How to Clean Silverware with Aluminum Foil - step by step description

Silver in its splendor without any effort to shine

Silverware, jewelry or other antiques from silver get after some time a black layer. Also called silver sulfide in specialist circles. Previously they needed house staff to let the objects shine again in their glamor. Today, several simple means are used to aid the polish by a chemical action.

Necessary materials for cleaning with aluminum foil

    • 1 pot
    • 1 liter of water
    • 6 tablespoons of cooking salt
    • 1 piece of aluminum foil (slightly larger than the pot)

How is the silver cutlery cleaned with aluminum foil?

  • The pot is first filled with 1 liter of water, and six tablespoons of cooking salt (sodium chloride) are added. This solution is heated until it boils.
  • Now put the not too tightly pressed aluminum foil in one piece into the water.
  • Subsequently, the silverware on which silver sulfide has spread on the surface is held or placed in the pot. In the case of the cleaning, it is of particular importance that the object gets in contact with the aluminum foil. Within a short span of time, the black layer disappears, and the silver cutlery returns to its original luster.

The sulfur compounds formed during the purification are characterized by an unpleasant odor (foul eggs or garlic). The aluminum foil turns black and becomes black. This is probably because there is no decomposition with metals alloyed with aluminum.

More tips for silver cutlery

so it remains nice clean and shiny.

  • The purification can be intensified by the acidification of the above solution with the acetic acid, citric acid, or dilute sulfuric acid. But never use hydrochloric acid!
  • To delay the formation of the silver sulfide as much as possible, a dry storage of the silver articles is indispensable. Also, the silver cutlery can only be rolled into cotton. Another alternative is to place in the cutlery drawer a piece of chalk. The best alternative is, in any case, the daily use, since the subsequent cleaning prevents the tarnishing.
  • Nowadays a dishwasher is used in many households. Silver cutlery and stainless steel cutlery should be cleaned in a separate rinse cycle. Otherwise, the risk of starting the silver cutlery is great.
  • It is recommended to clean silver by hand.
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