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How to clean cork floors

About the cleaning and care of the cork floor

How is cork floor cleaned and maintained properly? This question can not be answered quite simply since there are different types of cork and each requires its proper care. 

Glue cork

On the one hand, there is glue cork, which is glued to the undersurface and then sealed. Thanks to the final time, the cork remains relatively hard-wearing, at least regarding moisture.

  1. First of all, it is important to treat the end-treated soil with a basic protection, since this protects the surface additionally.Also, the basic protection gives the floor a beautiful shine.Since the basic protection is best pure and distributes it with a Wischwiesel.After use, the drying time should be observed.After about one day, the surface is completely safe.
  2. Because glue cork is also suitable for damp rooms, this floor must also be cleaned properly.However, this kind of cork requires a special cleaning with care systems specially designed for cork, as otherwise the surface is chemically too much attacked.
  3. The room temperature is rather irrelevant with glue cork. Also, the humidity plays an insignificant role here.

Cork multi-layer parquet

On the other hand, there is also the cork multilayer parquet, made of different layers, including a layer of groundwood. Because of this layer, cork multilayer parquet is not suitable for wet rooms.

  1. Since the water has to be avoided very sparingly, you should use the vacuum cleaner more often.
  2. If moist cleaning is required, do not use too much acidic or too alkaline solutions.The more the PH value of filter moves into the red or blue, the higher the likelihood that your floor will become lusterless and gray.During wiping, thorough wringing of the flap is essential.
  3. As a care for cork multilayer parquet, polishable self-polishing emulsions, polishable waxes or wipeable and polishable polymer dispersions are possible.
  4. Avoid combined cleaning and cleaning agents, as they contain either more cleaning or care components.It is also less advisable to use neutral soap; the paint layer suffers immensely.
  5. Note that the temperature of the room, the floor of which is corked, is about 20 degrees Celsius.The room humidity should be between 40 and 60 percent.
  6. It is recommended to treat the soil with the hard wax oil now and then, as this will ensure all the longevity of heavily contaminated soils.However, care should be taken to ensure that a unique cork floor cleaner treated with hard wax oil is 

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