How to Clean Alloy Wheels

How to Clean Alloy Wheels- Effectively alloy wheels and thoroughly clean

The rims have a significant influence on the overall optical effect of a vehicle and are therefore also referred to by car owners as the business card of a car. Unfortunately, the face of the rims changes with increasing mileage, as dirt particles and further adhesion to the rim surface. The remedy is an extensive rim cleaning, but there are some things to consider.

Required Materials and Aids

The cleaning of rims is a combination of chemical and mechanical cleaning carried out with the help of cleaning tools and similar cleaning substances. The following materials are recommended for professional dirt removal:

    • Rim cleaner for steel and aluminum rims
    • Tool for rubbing, such as brush or toothbrush
    • high pressure cleaner

Step by step to radiating rims

No matter whether stubborn braking dust or disturbing asphalt residues, with a thorough and gentle cleaning even very wet dirt, can be reliably removed. However, care must be taken, as improper cleaning can adversely affect the appearance of the rims - for example, due to dull spots or small scratches. For this reason, the following work steps should be done carefully and in the specified order.

  • For an optimal wheel cleaning, a working surface with drainage and high-pressure cleaners must be available, which is why a visit to a car wash system is always possible. Even before the actual cleaning process, the choice of the rim cleaner is. In this case, the material properties of the own rims should be known, and the cleaner should be selected according to these criteria. Thus, rim cleaners are predominantly used for aluminum and steel rims, which are not high gloss or chrome rims. The quality of the selected cleaner should be as good as possible since this factor is crucial for the subsequent result. It is true that in the Internet, guides also recommend the oven cleaners as well as other home remedies,
  • At the cleaning site, the cleaner is first applied to the rims. It is best to use a brush or a toothbrush with which the product can be thoroughly distributed. The cleaning substance should be applied uniformly over the entire area and then utilized for a few minutes. The exact exposure time is listed on the label of the cleaner bottle and should be observed in all cases.
  • After exposure, the flooring is rinsed with a high-pressure cleaner, and the dirt is also removed. When working with the high-pressure cleaner, only the area of ‚Äčthe rim should be sprayed, and a constant distance must be maintained. In no case should the nozzle be held directly on sensitive parts such as brake hoses? After this operation, the rim can be dried with a cloth and then re-shine.

Tips for cleaning

    • In any case, observe and do not exceed the specified exposure time.
    • When applying the cleaner in small circular movements
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