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How to build a sandbox with benches

A sandbox is the first adventure playground of a child. If the right place is available, parents should make their children happy and build their sandbox. With this guide, you can build a 150 x 150 cm sandbox with benches. There are about six hours of working time.

Materials and equipment

  • four outer boards with the dimensions 2 x 150 x 30 cm
  • four interior boards with the dimensions 2 x 114 x 30 centimeters
  • four-seat boards measuring 2 x 132 x 20 cm
  • a water-permeable and breathable film measuring 150 x 150 centimeters
  • about 250 kilograms of sand
  • some gravel
  • nails
  • a hammer
  • a tacker


  1. First, choose a suitable place for the construction of the sandbox. This place is shady and can be easily seen by the parents.
  2. Lift a hole 160 x 160 centimeters deep and 15 centimeters deep.
  3. The bottom of the hole is evenly laid with gravel.
  4. The interior boards are nailed together at the edges.
  5. The breathable film should now be stuck to the inside of the interior structure.
  6. The finished interior construction comes into the hole.
  7. The outer construction is now being built from the outer boards.
  8. Just like the interior boards, the outer boards are also nailed at the edges.
  9. The finished outer construction comes into the hole.
  10. Now nail the seat boards to the internal and external structure.
  11. Fill the sand into the sandbox.
  12. Close the gaps between the outer wall of the sandbox and the dug hole.

Tips that you should be aware of

  • The right place saves frustration and unnecessary stress. If the children spend a long time in the sandbox, it is unfavorable when he is in the sun. Use large trees like a shadow dispenser but be careful not to build the sandbox too close to the tree because the root could damage the sandbox.
  • Forms, bins, buckets as well as a large screen complete the sandbox.
  • A cover tarpaulin prevents cats from verifying the sandbox.
  • Use as fine sand as possible without rough stones, burs, foliage or the like. So that the sieving is still fun, the sand should not be too fine.
  • Use gravel to build a sandbox. It allows the water to flow out of the sandbox better.
  • A film forms the boundary between gravel and sand. It is used to allow the water to leach and prevent insects and weeds from entering the sand from below.
  • The outer and inner boards should have the same height and look about 20 centimeters out of the hole. This is the optimum height to ensure that even smaller children get into the sandbox without problems.
  • Place the outer and inner construction so that the seat boards close the gap exactly between the two constructions.
  • Carefully inspect the design for protruding nails, and remove them if necessary, as children may be injured.

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