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How to avoid longboard accident

Longboards have long since succeeded in developing into everyday life in the inner city. People of all ages use the sporting equipment to quickly and safely come from A to B and have the boards that look like a classic skateboard for the layman to be firmly integrated into their daily routine. These developments are usually only annoying when accidents occur, which could have been avoided by observing all traffic rules and with a little consideration. If an incident happens in the form of a collision with a passer-by or even a passenger car, the debt question inevitably arises. The concern, where you can go with your longboard in everyday life without problems, is therefore justified in every case.

A flexible alternative to the bike – what is allowed?

Due to their construction and the materials used, the traditional longboards is especially suitable for moving quickly on a rather flat surface. But not everything that is simple and easy is also allowed!

Everyday life shows that there are always discussions and even legal disputes between car and cyclists with longboarders. However, if you deal with the issue and the overall problem in the run-up, you know you’re right in an emergency. As a general rule,

  • a Longboard rather the sports equipment as the vehicles of traffic allocated is
  • it can not be assumed that a longboard can take part in city traffic without restrictions, for example like a bicycle
  • The rules for longboard drivers at those for the pedestrians

But what does this mean in a particular case? The regulation states that it is forbidden for long-wheelers to ride on bicycle paths or lanes. Your movement must, therefore, be carried out on the sidewalk.

Fast longboard drivers and slow pedestrians – problems in everyday life

Anyone who moves along the pedestrian path with their longboard in everyday life will sooner or later be confronted with passers-by, who are understandably slower. If you want to overtake a pedestrian, it is first important to control your speed and, if necessary, slow down a bit.

For the direct overtaking process in Germany, longboard drivers are required to descend a few meters in front of the passer-by and then overtake them on foot. On the other hand, the pedestrian is a welcome consideration and may have a strong influence on the driving comfort of the longboard driver. The Switzerland is already moved, therefore, to allow longboarders riding on the bike path or even on the road in the 30 kph zones, and therefore to get a little more towards the fans of the boards.

  • on footpaths with restrictions
  • halfpipes
  • Longboard Park
  • Skater halls
  • streets
  • Bike paths, if there is no permission

Currently no helmets for longboard drivers!

At the current time, the legal regulation does not (yet) impose a helmet requirement for longboard drivers. Nevertheless, Helm and Knieschoner belong to everyday life, above all for sporty ambitious riders. The responsible longboarders are concerned about protecting themselves from the consequences of serious injuries such as traumatic brain injury.

Tip! Therefore, in spite of the lack of regulations regarding the helmet, always opt for protective gear that adapts to your riding style on the walkway and on the halfpipe!

I m doubt the halfpipe tricks and small “stunts” away from the road traffic

Even if you as a longboard driver is allowed to turn your laps on the sidewalks, you should not be tempted to practice tricks here! The walkways serve the longboard driver as well as the pedestrian, for the safe passage of a route from A to B. If you want to expand your abilities about longboard driving, you should use the Halfpipes, which are used in everyday City. These provide you with a challenging obstacle without the added risk of road traffic and other unforeseen incidents. But do not forget your protective equipment!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Prohibitions for Longboard Drivers

  • more safety for long-haulers, pedestrians, and traffic
  • there are halfpipes to play
  • restrict driving pleasure in some places

No final result

Due to the increasing number of longboard drivers, of course, their need for regulations for road traffic, which is compatible with comfortable driving, also increases. Particularly the classification of the longboards as sports equipment is one of the main issues. The overtaking of the pedestrians on the sidewalk and the associated prescribed descent hinders everyday life.

Therefore, in the past, even petitions were launched to improve the legal situation and the permissible driving space for long-haulers, demanding an official road ticket for longboards. Nevertheless, the development is far from being completed. Even if the longboarders are still forced to go their way on the citizens’ pavement and are therefore always confronted with the slower passers-by, it is to be expected that the current legislation will in all likelihood change.

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