How to apply liquid eye liner

Drawing the eyelid correctly – that’s it! 
The makeup is an important issue for most women because they can be perfect in the scene and make themselves conspicuous for others. It is, of course, annoying to paint the same time and make a little change is very useful and helps to get to know new faces and to try out new things. Different makeup tools can create a very variable makeup, which is especially popular and can be used to combine different colors to create something new.

The eyeliner is the classic in this area. Eyeliner is a small colored napkin with an accompanying brush, which can be applied to the eyelid with different thicknesses. The palette ranges from delicate stripes to the outline of the eye to thick eyelids, which give a look a dramatic eye-catcher and are the absolute eye-catcher. The eyeliner itself can be combined very well with eyeshadow and mascara and can make self-tired eyes appear again expressive and give the woman a whole new charisma.

If you use an eyeliner for the first time, you will soon realize that this also requires a little practice to draw beautiful strokes. This is why it is also important to work properly and to find the best technique to pull an eyelid.


  • A steady hand
  • Basic makeup
  • eyeliner
  • mirror
  • Good light


  1. First of all, you need a quiet, but also free hand, with which the brush is guided along the eyelid.
  2. Also, a mirror should be available which can be approached relatively close.
  3. The best way to do this is to work from the inside outwards. This means that you start to the nose and walk with your brush to the ear.
  4. So that the eyeliner does not look like a beam, you can, for example, try to become thinner towards the back to create a sliding end of the line.

The first attempts to work with an eyeliner will not be immediately affected by success. With a little practice, however, it becomes swift to the routine and the required time also decreases very quickly. To keep the eyelid well at the end, it is important to prime the eye with plenty of powder beforehand, as this will slightly degrade the skin’s moisture. Also, an eyelid does not have to be completely removed immediately if it is not quite perfect. With a cotton swab, smaller irregularities can be eliminated, and the eyelid can be correctly repaired.

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