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Healthy finger foods for babies

When it comes to healthy snacks for their offspring, many parents often do not know more. No matter how thoughtful and lovingly prepared they offer vitamin riches – Junior likes greasy chips and chocolate much better than fresh fruits and vegetables.

From experience, we know that constant preaching, exhortation, or even scolding helps little. On the other hand, new ideas and a little creativity can often be real miracles.

Why do children need healthy snacks at all?

If you offer your child three main meals and two or three healthy snacks in between, this is in line with the recommendation of the German Society of Nutrition. At the same time, you can be sure that your child will get as much food as they need. The total amount of food consumed can fluctuate daily without worrying about you.

Be careful! Too many sweets or permanent greasy snacks can quickly get the otherwise optimal control of the right food mixed!

Healthy and fast in the mouth

A well-known concept of nutritionists puts on five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. What is not easy for some grown-ups is often easier with the little ones.

In the morning and towards the evening a little fruit and vegetables as raw food snack, at noon a dish with potatoes or a vegetable soup – already three of the recommended five portions are given.

Most children like fruits and vegetables to nibble even very much. Simply cut apples, pears, bananas, kohlrabi, carrots & Co. into large pieces and nothing stands in the way of healthy snacking.

Attention! Please never leave your child unattended with his snack in his hand. This is the only way to help you quickly if it is swallowed.

Healthy snacks on the go

Brine, pretzels or chocolate bars – some parents simply do not find anything better than to get a small saddle maker for their offspring in the fast-food restaurant or at the bakers.

However, there are some healthy snack options, without excessive sugar and fat. Here are a few healthy alternatives for the road:

  • Mini Meatballs

You need about 250 g of beef, 4 tbsp of breadcrumbs, 150 g of lean meat, one egg, one teaspoon of mustard, some salt, pepper a little oil for frying. 

Preparation: Knead the mince with all the ingredients and the spices to form a homogeneous dough, then shape small balls.

Heat the oil in a layered pan and fry the balls round-fried crispy. Good drain on kitchen paper. Taste warm and are also ideal for on the go.

  • Delicious sandwich

Spread two slices of wholemeal bread or toast with butter and cover with a slice of cheese. Then place some radish and cucumber slices. Put the second bread slice on top and put it all together. Diagonally cut through.

  • Fruit or vegetable skewer with sesame

Have your child choose which types of fruit and vegetables are placed on the skewers. The finished skewers in sesame, alternatively roll in shaved almonds or chocolate chips.

  • Vollkornkeks – a little fruit juice, both the best in organic quality
  • Natural yogurt with some pureed fruit sparingly sweetened with sugar
  • Delicious milkshake

A homemade shake from frozen fruits (exotic, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, blueberries) or fresh fruits of the season and low-fat milk is sweet and healthy at the same time. Mix everything thoroughly. With little sugar sweet or, ideally, when the fresh fruits are sweet enough, do not add any sugar.

Help! My child does not like fruits or vegetables!

Small fruit and vegetable muffins should be brought first and foremost to the whole range of different fruit and vegetable varieties by constant tasting. Nevertheless, there are some children, who conspicuously oppose the fresh food.

Sometimes it is quite trivial things, such as a very sensitive oral mucosa or straight- through teeth, or there are still not enough teeth to be able to chew the raw food at all and is therefore rejected. Then you should try to adjust the dosage form according to age and teeth:

  • soft fruit, peel, and thinly cut open
  • Fruit orchard
  • Fruit milk, fruit jelly or fruit yogurt
  • A vegetable soup such as cold cucumber soup or creme soup is very popular with many children who reject fruits and vegetables in a “naturally grown” form.

As the age grows, it becomes even easier to place unloved vegetables so that a healthy snack is created:

  • A small piece of vegetable pizza can hardly resist a child.
  • Also in Fladenbrot or as a wrap an additional portion of vegetables can be seductively hidden.

Extra tip:

Let your child help in the kitchen as often as possible, according to age. Schnippeln, salad mixing, mixing, and cooking works, which already inspire the youngest.

DThe finished result not only fulfills your junior’s pride but also creates a new approach to previously despised food.

Also, have them go shopping once in a while to choose what will be cooked later. 


  • The security settings of your browser do not allow you to copy the text automatically. Please use the system clipboard using CTRL-C (copy).
  • Rule: 3 main meals plus two standard meals.
  • Healthy snacks and finger food for small children can be prepared inexpensively, without much effort.
  • Sweets, chips, fries, etc. are reserved for special occasions and should be the exception at best.

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